Welcome to this week’s #WednesdayWisdom post brought to you by Katie, Pixel’s newest addition to the team! Katie will briefly discussing how you can create the perfect marketing equation with both online & offline resources!

So I hear you think; “How do you choose between online and offline marketing activities when working out your marketing plan?” The answer is simple: A combination of both will work better than one by itself.

Online and offline marketing activities both have their own individual benefits, but communicating with your customers in more than one way is the best option for getting the most return on your marketing investment.

Benefits of Online Marketing

  • Tracking results of your campaigns is easy with many websites and plugins available. Google Analytics is a good way to do this.
  • You can easily target the correct demographic that you are aiming for.
  • Global marketing is right at your finger tips.
  • The internet is the most common way that your customers will search for your business.

Benefits of Offline Marketing

  • A vast variety of options are available which means there are many ways in which you can interact with your potential customers. Why not try handing out pens? Everyone uses a pen!
  • People are known to react more to things that they can touch and feel which can lead up to quicker results.
  • If someone sees your marketing as somehwat useful, they are more likely to keep the flyer, business card or newspaper clipping for future use.

Like all the best couples; ‘Wills & Kate’, ‘Brangelina’, ‘Kimye’, your marketing activities can have more impact when combined with a complementary partner.

Introducing the ‘Marketing Matchmaker’. A simple guide to help you determine which activities go hand in hand. This month, we have three online contenders all looking for their offline marketing match. Click the image to take a closer look.

This week’s #wednesdaywisdom is bought to you by Katie!

“As a very creative individual, I am driven by seeing progress made with each project – seeing it from the idea stage, through until I hold the product in my hand. I like a challenge and will exhaust my brain until a solution is found. I look forward to working on projects, bringing customers visions to life.”

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