5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online
5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online

3 Reasons To Use Video On Your Website…


If you have previously visited the homepage of our website, you will have been greeted with a montage video of our lovely faces. Video is the way that the world is consuming information and it’s important to keep up with the trends to stay relevant and communicate well with your end-users.

Read on to find out why YOU should be using video on your website.

Video tells a story

Video is a visual way of telling a story. It means the end user doesn’t have to read anything which is great for the lazy browsers of today. Not only that, moving images that have a solid, clear visual message can and will provoke emotional responses, something which written text can struggle to do.

We are strong believers that using video on your website is a perfect way to introduce your personality & ethos to the end user, which is why we have used one on our homepage. It clearly portrays who you are, what you do & the environment which a customer can expect when they visit your business. No grey areas, no surprises. It is what it says on the tin. People work with people, and video is an honest and open approach which appeals to those who want to know who they will be dealing with before making contact.

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Flaunt it!

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell or show your customers your product or service by just using text or images alone. Video can give you the power to show off what you’re selling in a short amount of time and give your end users the opportunity to see it in action!

Video is a great way to show the features of your product, and to help the end user visualise your product in their hands. It is also a super way to demonstrate how your product is used, which means you don’t have to keep answering the same old questions from your customers.

Don’t be afraid to create something new and different, after all, you want to show off your product to the best it can be, so make it unique to you and keep the audience coming back for more.

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A company to remember

When was the last time you READ something on a website and it really stuck with you? Now when was the last time you WATCHED a video on a website that you remembered? Exactly.

There are 2 kinds of engagement on a website – passive and active. Video triggers active engagement, meaning the end user will be more switched on and will remember the information they are taking in better. This means that they are more likely to come back and use your product in the future! Not only that, but captivating & keeping them interested in your brand and products means they might stick around to learn more about what you’re offering – which is great & can keep you competitive within the industry.

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Brighten up your website…

We love to make websites look & feel better, so ask us how you can improve your website!

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