5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online

3 tips on how to present your work on social media…

Struggling to make your work stand out online?​

Tap into your virtual audience through strategically creating and using your content in a way to catch users attention & make your portfolio memorable.

Most of the latest models of smartphones now have high-quality cameras built-in. However, owning a really good camera doesn’t make you a pro photographer. There are other skills that come into play when taking photos and editing them i.e. layout, typography, composition, colours and lighting. Each of these factors add value to your finished work and therefore it is important to know when, where and how to use them.

1. THINK Quality


When it comes to creating something visual, it is vital for it to look clean, professional & high-definition. If we look at Instagram as an example, the grid like layout will automatically make your images smaller unless users click on them or come across them on their feed. This means that your images need to be high-quality in order for users to make out what it is, but also so that it catches their attention as they scroll.

The better the quality of the image, the more likely you will stop someone in their scrolling tracks and create better engagement.


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2. THINK Variance


Although we all like consistency and a routine, it is also important to sometimes give your accounts a freshen up or skew the approach to provoke some interest. Fresh, new content is interesting and will catch more attention than same old posts. Take your audience by surprise by doing something different and better yet, something that maybe hasn’t been done before.

The biggest flaw of consistency is the limitations it creates and can therefore prevent you from allowing your work to go outside the box and get creative at times at the risk of losing the usual flow. Show off your unique style but keep it fresh & exciting!

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3. Exclusivity


Show your audience the process and progression of your work through (high-quality) behind-the-scenes images or video snippets. Many people, especially now that we have more time on our hands, are learning new skills and want to know how artists and digital-creators create the content that they do and how they get to the final product.

Showcasing the build-up to the final image can be exciting and insightful content for users. In fact, it helps to create a connection between the creator and the followers as you get to see the story unfold and realness that goes on behind the lens. This is a great approach for better engagement!

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