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5 mistakes businesses make online…

Stay ahead of your competitors

No one wants their website to fall behind and lose their rank hence why you should be consistently and regularly checking up on your website – brush away those cobwebs!

In this blog we will talk about 5 mistakes that many businesses make online which can be simply avoided and will prevent your website from being negatively impacted as a result of a few errors.

Many of your competitors will be making sure that their website does not tick any of the following mistakes. You want to drive users to your website, not away which is why it is so important for you to be regularly looking at UX (user experience) on your website and ensuring that users from all devices are able to easily navigate through the site-map.

Ignoring mobiles & tablets


More than half of your visitors are coming to your website through a mobile phone or a tablet. This highlights the importance of ensuring that your website is optimised for mobile use and that it is just as attractive and interactive as if it was being viewed from a desktop.

If users are unable to to easily navigate their way through your website and instead have to pinch and zoom then they will quickly decide to leave. The goal is to keep users as long as it is possible on your website and ensure that their experience is satisfactory. Our Nettl websites are all built to be mobile-friendly meaning that you won’t have to worry about high drop-off rates.

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Lack of updates


Are you regularly updating all your themes, plug-ins and platform on your website? If the answer is no then what are you still waiting for? Do it now!

Allowing for your website to slowly become more and more out of date can not only negatively impact your ranking but also allow your website to become vulnerable. Many bots and hackers will try to locate weaknesses and vulnerabilities in websites to gain access into them. This can be through outdated plug-ins, themes or bugged code. In fact, even with experienced software engineers, you may find between 15 to 50 bugs in 10,000 lines of code (Hidden Process).

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Confusing website


Don’t confuse your customers on your website with random insignificant calls to action or information. Tell your customers exactly what they are looking for and use buttons that direct them to the relevant and necessary places on your website.

Again, when building a website you need to be considering UX (user experience) and make sure that users are able to easily navigate through the website and have access to important information. On average, users spend less than 15 seconds on your website meaning that you need to ensure that their time on it is worthwhile and memorable (Crazy Egg).

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Stuck in the past


2020 web-designs are all about being modern and minimalistic. If your website is over 5 years old then you should be considering giving it a refresh. Attractive, modern websites are more likely to keep users on it for a longer duration of time meaning that they are also more likely to get in touch with you and use your services.

Especially with the whole pandemic situation that we have going on, more businesses are moving online and creating even more competition. Don’t let your website fall behind, trust your web designer to apply the best current practices to your website with a carefully built layout that is influenced by customer data and what creates quality UX.

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Analysing your audience


Are you checking over your analytics and who your target audience consists of? Audience analysis allows for you to clearly identify who your audience is and adapt a speech which is reflected on their interests, level of understanding, attitudes and beliefs (University of Pittsburgh). Once you are able to identify these factors about your audience you are then able to adapt your website to the liking of your audience and their expectations.

This information will help you pair a relevant marketing campaign to help promote your services, products and business. Not only will you be reaching your target audience but also reach beyond them and attract new customers.

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