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6 easy tips for planning content for your growing blog


Maintaining a blog is about more than just posting multiple times. You should plan your content and write about what is relevant, trending and useful to interact with your audience! Getting the right content in front of your audience is key to increasing your credibility within your industry, and is also a great way to get your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) underway!

Schedule dates in a calendar

In order to keep a good routine you should try & schedule your blog posts in a calendar. Google Calendar is a great tool to use, it’s visual, easy to use & free! You can set up your reminders on Google Calendar to ping a notification too, so you know when you are next due to get your head down and write.

By keeping a schedule you can be sure that your posts will always be consistent, and the content on your website will always be fresh and up to date.

Quick Tips…

  • Get dates booked in your calendar for when you will post.
  • Write a blog post in advance so you are always a blog post ahead.
  • Set a reminder on your phone or calendar 2 days before your post is due so that you are aware that you should write a post soon.
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Time to brainstorm

Once you have set the dates in your calendar you can then start to brainstorm topics that you could write about! We believe that writing content that will educate and enrich knowledge is the best way to go, as your reader is more likely to engage with your post & brand.

So, get creative! Make a list of ideas that you have & before you add each topic into your calendar, create a structure so that the posts go out in an order that makes sense. It’s also a great idea to create a ‘series’ of posts, where the content focuses on a certain topic but explains it over several posts.

Quick Tips…

  • If you get an idea for a blog in the day make sure you make note of it, don’t forget!
  • Think about what is trending lately in your industry and get brainstorming
  • Stuck? Look at other blogs relevant to your industry see what they are doing


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How frequently should I post?

You should post blogs as regularly as you can. There is no specific number, however you should aim to blog at least once a week and build up the amount of information you post. But be careful, if you leave large gaps between posts it can have a degoratory effect. Your readers want to be updated on  a regular basis, and if they return and there hasn’t been anything new for 2 months, they’re less likely to visit again and engage with your site.

When you have a frequency try to stick to it, readers appreciate reliable and continous posts. Once you are confident that you can keep a routine let your readers know your blog schedule so they know when to expect your next blog post!

Quick Tips…

  • Set a schedule you feel comfortable with completing.
  • Allow extra time for creating your blog.
  • Make sure you are aware when you are next due to blog.
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Mix things up

You can sometimes find that when writing blogs your topics can be very similar. Don’t post articles about almost identical topics. You can still write a series of blogs that fall in line with each other, but try to talk about different subjects.

Keeping the end user interested is key. Blog posts don’t always have to be written text, you can use videos, imagery and illustrations to get your point across.

Quick Tips…

  • Make sure you mix your topics up now and again.
  • Use different layout designs to keep your readers engaged.
  • Keep an eye out for anything that is recent and/or different which you could talk about.


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Make use of the latest

If you are stuck for content, you can always look at recent industry news. Are there any upcoming events? Has there been any news about a topic which you feel would benefit your readers?

Maybe you could write some seasonal posts? Holiday seasons are a great one for this, especially with events like Black Friday on the rise. Make sure you mix these “latest” posts with your scheduled ones.

Quick Tips…

  • Keep an eye out for upcoming events to talk about.
  • Sign up to industry related news blogs for some quick ideas.
  • Ask your viewers what they would like to hear about.
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Have a blog TEMPLATE

If you are strapped for time and don’t want to create a fresh blog each time, you can set up a blog template. Not only will this speed up your blog writing process, it will also make sure that your brand is consistent too.

When your brand is consistent, you become more recognized and trustworthy to your end users, target audience and within your industry.

Quick Tips…

  • Spend some time creating a design or get in touch with us on 01562 747411 and we can set up a blog design for you!
  • Adapting your design is a great way to keep your readers coming back, but be careful not to change it too much so that it becomes unrecognisable.
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