Colour of the Month – Choc Chip Mint

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There is no better way to finish off the Summer with a colour named after an ice cream, right? Alicja has chosen to represent August with a Mint Choc Chip Green as it is such a versatile colour that can be used across of types of industries depending on the message that you want to send out to your audience. Colour is such an integral part of marketing because it will forever be associated with your brand and therefore needs to be conveying the right kind of message in order to build a trusting relationship with your customers.

Where did it originate from?

To create this delicate shade of green you need to mix equal parts of blue and yellow which are primary colours and use white to lighten the colour until it has a cool mint tone. Mint hues only really became popular in the 1950s which were seen used in women’s clothing and interior design but was originally discovered in the 1700s (Canva). Mint green can really give your brand a refined, vintage feel but when incorporated with another pastel hue it can really lift the colour to give a cooler modern design.

Why choose Mint Choc Chip Green?

Green is a colour of nature, peace and harmony. It can be used to create feelings of new, freshness and growth. This colour is particularly popularly used by food distributors in order to create a perception of fresh produce and an environment where their consumers are able to relax and getaway.

A tip from us, when you incorporate green within your branding ensure that you pair it with a contrasting accent colour as when looking at consumers preferences similar hued colour palettes were less favoured compared to ones with a contrasting visually bright accent colour such as Apricot Orange or Cherry red.

Here are some examples of incorporating Mint Choc Chip Green in marketing campaigns:

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