Colour of the Month – Electric Purple

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We are starting November with a BANG! In this current climate it’s very difficult to maintain a positive mindset but we are choosing to stay positive and hopeful for the future ahead!

Alicja has chosen Electric Purple as November’s Colour Of The Month. This shade can be found somewhere in between Magenta and Violet. Featuring this colour within your advertisement will be sure to turn a lot of heads & brings attention to your business!

Where did it originate from?

Purple is a rare colour to find in nature which is why it is such a precious and exotic type of colour. Throughout history purple only makes an appearance within rich and royal households. For that reason it has developed a perception and indication of wealth & power.

Purple has also made a huge appearance back in 2018 winning Pantone‘s Colour of the Year, better known as ‘Ultraviolet’. A term now used to express personal individuality and unconventionality.

Why choose Electric Purple?

Most businesses are defined by their brand colours and will often be initially identified through them by the end user. Colours provoke very different reactions in people. Purple is a colour that is associated with royalty, nostalgia, sophistication and professionalism. It is most commonly used within the health, technology and finance sectors. However, it is also the ideal colour choice for airline, clothing, food, house and car companies. It is less popular and unfavored by agriculture and energy industries.

Purple has actually been seen as one of the least used colours in the branding industry. This is a good piece of news for new starter businesses that are looking for ways to get noticed and remembered. According to this, less of your competitions will feature purple within their branding meaning that your business has a shot at inheriting a unique appearance that will make you stand out against other competition. In particular if you incorporate Electric Purple within your logo, website or marketing. Start your online presence with a BANG!

Branding examples of Electric Purple

See how famous businesses have incorporated our colour of the month in their branding…

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