Colour of the Month – Fiery Red!

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It is that time again to announce the colour of the month and July is represented by a… Fiery Red! This colour is perfect to grab the attention of not only users online but also for those out and about through outdoor signage. Take your business to the next level through incorporating the colour red in your marketing strategy.

Feelings associated with the colour Red…

When looking at it from a psychological point of view, the colour red is one of the most intense colours out there. It is provoking and evokes strong emotion which makes it ideal to use for calls to action on websites or buttons prompting users to ‘click here’ or ‘order now’, you could even argue that it is an authoritarian colour and therefore highlights important information that needs your immediate attention.

On the contrary, red can bring joy & happiness to your branding and can be used more playfully to announce exciting projects or things that your customers can look forward to from your business. Don’t be afraid to use it!

Why choose Red?

Red is such an iconic colour and is particularly popular in the food & entertainment industries. Brands like Coca-cola, Five Guys, Youtube and Levi’s all use this colour as it is so eye-catching and therefore makes their branding much more memorable.

The next time you are creating or designing a marketing campaign, logo or website try adding a touch of red in it or make it the focus of your design. As always, we would love to see and share your designs featuring our colour of the month so feel free to email us your amazing creations here:

Here are some examples of incorporating Fiery Red in marketing campaigns:

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