Colour of the Month – Peach

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June’s colour of the month is a soft and gentle ‘Peach’. This colour is easily adaptable and can be used as an accent or a background colour combining well with light hued blues and greys. The colour peach evokes calmness and rejuvenates the audience in slightly more difficult moments making it ideal for charitable types of posts or even positive and up-lifting ones.

Feelings associated with the colour Peach…

The colour Peach got its name from the external tone of the fruit. It is made up of yellow and pink when equally mixed together but can be darkened through the use of reds or oranges. Its primary purpose was to be used by interior designers to obtain a pastel colour palette as it evokes a sense of comfort and calmness.

It is a great colour that stimulates positive feelings like stability and security. Depending on the intensity of this colour, it can even become more of a warm and romantic colour.

Why choose Peach?

This colour is perfect when it comes to summer marketing, giving your audience all types of summer feels! As it is such a positive colour made up of yellows, pinks & reds, it fits a variety of industries such as food, fashion or beauty.

As you most likely know, Starbucks is one of the most popular cafes in the world. The use of green gives the end user a sense of relaxation and comfort which is why we go to cafes. The colour peach can be used in this type of industry too as it evokes calmness and comfort, similarly to the colour green.

Here are some examples of incorporating Peach in marketing campaigns:

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