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Are You Effectively Managing Your Customer’s Experience?

The importance of customer experience in 2020…


As a business we sometimes need to take a step back and think, how do we distinguish ourselves against everyone else? What can we offer that others don’t already do? This is where customer experience comes into play. If you create an environment which makes it difficult to work with you, the less likely people are to want to do business with you now and in the future.

When analysing already successful and thriving businesses, all of them offer a clear and polite approach from the minute that they interact with their client, right up to the finished project which opens a door for future collaboration.

But still, why is customer experience such an important factor and how do we do it successfully?

Customer Experience – What is it?


This term refers to the holistic perception that your customer has of you and your business which can evoke numerous types of feelings which can be either negative or positive. 

However, each customer is different and unique and each of their experiences with you will differ from one another. We can all agree that our customers are the biggest and most important stakeholder in our businesses and this is why when things are not going so smoothly we start looking at our customers and their experiences to understand what areas we need to improve on.

The whole concept surrounding customer experience is to, as a business, deliver a consistent positive and valuable interaction to ensure that they are happy and their needs are being met. 

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Delivering High Quality


The term ‘quality’ is subjective and each of us will have very different perception and meanings of what we consider of quality and what can be described as being ‘high quality’. It isn’t just about providing your customer with something that is completely out of this world. It is about understanding what their needs are and managing their expectations accordingly.

Think about it this way, if you worked as a estate agent and were asked what was the best quality house that you sold? Maybe the 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom mansion down south?

But what if a client came in that is a single parent with two children, what house would they consider to be top quality for them? It would most likely not be a 6 bedroom mansion. The idea is to understand your customer and meet their wants and needs which is subjective to them.

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Develop a relationship with your clients


Before your customer came to you, they most likely did a quick Google search on who you are, your services and to get a general feel of your brand. This is an important factor to remember as this just further shows how important it is to make sure that you are giving users the right impression of who you are as a business. Ensure that your website is regularly updated and shows some of your brand’s personality.

The next step is to develop a connection with your customer, get to know them on a slightly personal level – let them know that you are here for them no matter what. A customer wants to feel like they can rely on you even when it isn’t to do with the latest project that you are working on as it creates a trusted bond between you and them.

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Ask for feedback…


Your customers are the single most important part of your business, they are the ones that are keeping your business afloat. Knowing what they have to say about you and the experience they have had with you, good or bad, is extremely crucial to up-keeping a high quality of service.

We learn from our mistakes, hence why receiving feedback along the way can be very helpful and gives you something to improve from. Ensure that you are attentive and available for your customers, of course within the working hours, check your emails systematically throughout the day and give them a call from time to time!

Capturing feedback will allow your business to create a customer experience strategy to ensure that you are doing the best that you can and create positive perceptions of your brand to your customers.

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Need advice on keeping your customers satisfied with your business?

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