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We talked about how to get ready for your next exhibition in our last blog post, but what are you supposed to do once you generate new leads following on from that first meeting at the show? Have you provided your potential new lead a clear route to answers they may have? Have you shown that you are trustworthy enough to do business with? Are you getting the right details from them?

Read on to find out how you should be managing your website to keep those leads interested in doing business with you.

— Capturing their attention & keeping them informed…

Before you even attend an event, you should ensure that at every opportunity, your website includes important features that allow your new visitors (old too!) to be able to locate useful information about your services with ease. This will help turn them into potential leads.

CTA’s (Call to Actions) are a crucial bit of web design that is often under-utilisted or not used effectively. Most first time website visitors won’t want to engage with a sales department to make an enquiry, the first visit is usually to have a look in more detail at what you have to offer.

Depending on where they found a link to your website will depend on the CTA to use. For example, they may be reading a blog article about an event you’re attending – so naturally you would want to put contact details on that in case they want some more information. But wait! What if you popped a link to another page of your website which further develops the knowledge of a relevant service/product to that visitor? Doing this is perceived as being helpful, rather than taking the sales-y approach meaning people are more likely to spend time on your site & then complete a “Contact Us” form after you’ve gained their trust.

You can take a look at some Call to Actions used by other companies here.

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— Landing pages & forms are your new best friend!

What the heck is a landing page we hear you say? A landing page is a page on your website that is designed solely for the purpose of creating new leads for your business for a specific theme. The amount of Call to Actions are drastically reduced compared to your homepage, leaving the visitor only able to interact with one thing. Less distractions means a stronger & clearer message.

If you’re going to an exhibition and maybe want to give people that attend an exclusive & valuable offer (for example), a “Lead Generation” landing page would be a great way to capture their data and send through any relevant information to them once signed up.

A “Lead Generation” landing page is created in order to collect data for your use. You would typically include a very focused & valuable offer, an easy to understand headline with sufficient details explaining said deal & how they will receive it, images illustrating what the visitor is signing up for & a form which may include questions & means to gather contact details so they are contactable in the future.

Here are a few examples of Landing Pages that other companies have utilised to capture data from their audiences.

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— Trust goes a long way…

You know the old saying, people buy from people. You may have already made a great first impression at your event but the next step is for that potential customer to visit your website & do their research before they continue to do business with you.

Reviews are a powerful bit of marketing and can make the difference as to whether a visitor will just be a “passer by” or become a legitimate enquiry. Think about it, when you are thinking of purchasing from the likes of Amazon or eBay, do you hit the “Buy Now” button straight away? It’s very unlikely that a visitor will try and purchase or even contact you without reading reviews or testimonials or even case studies if they’re still unsure about your services.

So utilise your best customers’ thoughts! Plain text testimonials do work well, but perhaps trying something a bit fresher like presenting them in a video format or using photographs of the individuals will capture the attention of a wider audience in this digital & visual media based world.

Including any notable awards that your business may have won is also a good way to improve your credibility with a potential lead, especially if it is something that they recognise. It’ll make them feel comfortable and at ease knowing that they will be in safe hands.


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— Look after your leads…

It’s important to remember that leads don’t just turn into customers overnight, you need to look after them and be as helpful as possible to get the best outcome. After all, they did show interest when you met them face to face.

Try creating a process to follow with new leads that may have filled out a contact or sign up form. Think about sending them follow up emails with useful & interesting content that you think is applicable to them. Track what they interact with the most and tailor their experience with your company. The key is to learn lots of information about this lead so you know what to send to them next time. It also helps you to decide what kind of services they may need from you, and may prompt a phone call from them to find out more.

You should also try and measure your leads so that you know for your next event what you should/shouldn’t be doing. Using a platform like Google Analytics  can be helpful for this kind of activity, especially if you’re monitoring specific audiences and timeframes. Ensure that you jot this information down in a useful format so that it can be easily referred back to.

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