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Coming across a few rocky hills?‚Äč

As we are all spending a lot of time at home free of the urgent calls and emails that we constantly find ourselves reacting to, why not take the time to get past a few rocky hills and start appearing at the top of search engines?

This is a tough time especially for our economy, with many businesses suffering greatly due to forced closures & difficult decisions to close permanently. The most important thing is to maintain an open mindset and think about what are you going to do once normality begins to make way? Now is the perfect time to make changes and edits to your website that you have been putting off and increase your ranking.

I want to be at the top of Google…


Google rankings are not a race, it is a process that takes time and effort to see results. Every man and his dog is obsessed with ranking 1st on the Googles and there is a real reason for this; you receive a mammoth of organic web traffic to your website.

Of course like all of us once we reach a certain age we change up our style, hair, clothes – our general appearance. Well, Google has done the same afterall it is 21 years old! You may wonder what that has to do with your website, well now there are a tonne of features which weren’t there before such as ‘ads’ that ultimately are designed to boost your ranking.

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How have SERPs changed?


Search Engine Results Pages refers to the pages that pop up when you search for something and you get a very long list of different websites that are related or relevant to your search. Things have changed in order to add more of a visual experience to users through these features: ads, local results, other related searches, featured snippets and much, much more!

As a result of the features mentioned above, being at the top isn’t as superior as it once was now integrating yourself with these features may actually bring you more traffic than the website that is currently ranking 1st. Another feature that helps to increase your visibility on Google is by having a Google My Business account, find our more about it here.


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How can I reach the peak?


It feels good to reach the top right? There are several ways for you to organically rank yourself higher:

  • Be relevant to your search
  • Have a professional & mobile friendly website
  • Build trust & credibility on Google
  • Work on your on-site SEO
  • Regularly update your website or start writing blogs

SEO is a especially important in this case that can really make a difference in your ranking and how Google views you. You can read our previous blog here to learn more about SEO and why you should be using it.



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