Colour of the Month – Soft Lilac

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April’s colour of the month is a beautiful soft hued lilac. It not only represents our blossoming agriculture but it also brings out the luxury out of products due to its gentle nature but also its rarity making it ideal for specific marketing campaigns.

Feelings associated with the colour lilac…

Ever heard of the phrase ”born in the purple”?
This expression is used to describe children that have been born in a high ranking family or whom are royals. You will find that purple, the family of lilac, is often described as a royal colour due to its rarity back in the olden days. You would only find the rich of the richess to own purple possessions – it was one of the most expensive and rare colours to obtain.

The colour lilac brings out calm, collected & sober emotions. It is known to be a relaxing colour to be surrounded by; hence why lavender scents are very popular to purchase. This captivating colour will be sure to get your marketing campaign noticed.

Why choose Lilac?

If you are marketing an expensive, luxurious product then lilac is the colour you should be featuring in your campaigns. Colours give the audience a perception & insight to your product before they even get a chance to look at what it actually is. Therefore it is important to choose a colour to accurately represent what you are trying to sell, whether it’s a product or an idea.

Even in branding, the colour lilac is also perfect to be used as a secondary colour especially as a background. This is because it can act as a blank canvas which can give your logo or website a clean & creative space to work on. Colours like red for example, have particularly a strong aura which can look a little harsh if not executed correctly whereas lilac has a very gentle aura which is easy on the eye.

Here are some examples of incorporating Lilac in marketing campaigns:

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