Colour of the Month – Vibrant Yellow

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Welcome to our new blog series featuring *drum roll* Nettl’s colour of the month! As spring has arrived, what better colour to express this season with than a tangy & vibrant yellow to brighten up our month.

Despite not having the greatest start to the year, with the current outbreak, we can still spread positivity & happiness especially by incorporating vibrant colour palettes within any design or marketing work that you are creating or currently working on. Grab your audiences attention with a eye-catching vibrant yellow!

Feelings associated with the colour yellow…

Choosing the right colour for your brand is one of the most difficult choices that you or your graphic designer will have to make hence why it is important to choose the right kind of palette for your business.

A colour represents feelings, thoughts & the type of message that you are trying to send out. Yellow is a fun and comforting colour, it makes you feel all positive the minute that you see it. This is a great colour to be used in fashion, charity or event campaigns as it is a less ‘professional’ and serious type of colour but more of a uplifting and fun one!

If you want your marketing content to get noticed by other users, yellow is the one to go for!

Why choose Yellow?

The marketing scene is full with products designed to be attention grabbing where ever you scroll, but using the wrong colour may decrease the likelihood of a user engaging with your advertisement.

Yellow is a colour that communicates optimism and shows a creative side to you due to how suprisingly uncommon this colour is used within marketing due to how hard it is to pair it with other colours. However, by incorporating this colour in your branding you have an ace in your sleeve, as it is perfect in grabbing people’s attention and creating a positive outlook of your branding. Whereas, a colour like red which is equally bright and attention grabbing, but it tends to have a slightly more negative connotation hidden within it.

Many companies such as Mcdonalds’s and IKEA have also incorporated the colour yellow within their branding, even the band Coldplay have named their song after the colour! It is such an eye-catching colour that it is hard to miss, interestingly you will find that yellow is one of the few colours that doesn’t actually have a dark shade of it as it is always bright no matter what. Whereas, other colours tend to become much more muted when you see their darker shades.

Here are some examples of incorporating a Vibrant Yellow in marketing campaigns:

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