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“Why should I start a blog?” we hear you say. Blogging is a valuable asset to many people and businesses for a vast variety of reasons. It helps get your brand name become more familiar, it can increase your revenue and can be used to market and promote as well as share valuable information to you customers.

Read on for more information about the benefits of blogging:

— Potential Clients

Blogging platforms are openly available for anyone to read or publish posts. This means that when you post out your content, you have the potential to access a vast audience especially with industry specific posts. Thanks to the internet, you immediately have an audience of potential clients at your fingertips.

We encourage you to give your reader something valuable. This could be anything from advice, news about the industry, important changes, the list goes on. Of course try and keep it industry specific & do your research. Establish yourself as the industry expert. Using the helpful approach will encourage more visitors to click on your post, rather than a sales-y post which will more likely turn off your readers.

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— Google!

SEO and blog posts are best pals. Google loves it when there is new content on your website, is it tells the algorithm machine that the site is being updated on a regular basis. This is why blog posts are perfect to start your SEO journey.

Some people think that if you put a bunch of keywords into your blog, search engines are immediately going to reward you. Wrong. Things like using correct spelling and grammar, or having your readers share your articles can have a great positive effect. If your content is unique, factual, relevant and focuses on being helpful & relevant, you’ll get a happy search engine.

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— Boosts your website traffic

Say you publish one post per week on your website. That means that every month you’re getting an additional 4 pages indexed, giving you extra opportunity for your name to pop up when the average Joe Bloggs does a search.

Your website traffic opportunities also increase tenfold when your share your article on social media. All it takes is one share or like and all of a sudden your blog post is being exposed to a whole new audience who are potential readers and therefore would be website visitors.

Now you have visitors on your website, you now have the opportunity to turn them into returning readers or, even better, leads. Utilising call to actions at this stage is a massive plus. You can read more about this in our blog here. It’s also important to remember that not all readers will buy into your marketing. Nobody has a 100% conversion rate, but it’s a good idea to monitor what blogs performed better than others so you can see which call to actions work best for you.

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Do you have time to blog?

Within our concierge plans, blogging is the #1 service we do. Take a look at our plans and see how they may benefit you and your business!

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