5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online
5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online

Have you thought about Spring Cleaning your Website?


It’s good to have a clean out every once in a while. It can do wonders for your mind and give you that feel good vibe after everything has been decluttered. So why not do the same with your website? We’re here to help you give your online presence a spring in its step, carry on reading to find out where you’re going wrong (or maybe what you’re doing right!).

Is your website inspiring?

Your website should fill the souls of your visitors with inspiration and awe. You can do this by providing valuable information, and making sure that this information is easy to find from start to finish.

You should also consider all of the cosmetic aspects. Check those load speeds, font sizes and mobile friendliness. Try tapping the buttons to make sure that they’re easy to use for everyone. Have you incorporated an easy navigation which is clear and as minimal as possible to avoid confusion? It’s all about making your end users life as easy as possible so they don’t exit and try one of your competitors instead.

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Is everything in check?

We’re sure you have come across plenty of websites in the past that were simply impossible to navigate and find the information that you need. Put yourself in place of the user, the process should flow seamlessly and be very obvious when it is time to move onto the next step.

Your content should always provide a purpose. It should answer a question, or explain a topic, or sell a product. If your content doesn’t have an appropriate home, you should think about either re-writing it or totally removing it from your site. You can utilise online tools which hook up to your website (like Google Analytics) which can help show you what your end user is looking at and how they travel there. You can also utilise review websites (like TripAdvisor) & social media to research more into your target audience.

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Feeling out of touch & dated?

Having a website is great, but if you don’t keep on top of modern trends you can start to get penalised for it. Imagine standing in a crowd of people holding their shiny websites yelling “pick me, pick me!”, that’s your competition. You need to make sure your website stays nice & shiny too!

Ensure that if you’re going to blog then you do it frequently, or if you don’t have time then get the date turned off on the article so visitors can’t see how old it is. Have you reviewed your About & Team pages recently? Are the people that are answering the phone the same people who are on the site? What about the copyright mark in your footer? These are all really small tweaks that can really transform how you are perceived on that first visit.

We know we rave on about having a mobile friendly website, but it is crucial in this day and age. People are using their phones to browse more & more. They don’t want to land on a website only to pinch and zoom to be able to read who you are and what you do & by that time they have probably already left!

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Is it broken?

Have you logged in to your website recently to give it a little TLC? Made sure that everything is still working as it should? No? Get that on your list as your next to-do!

The internet world is constantly updating, so it’s super important that you pay attention to any updates on your website platform, website theme or any third party plugins (to run your booking system or social media) that you have installed. For example, did you know that Google have recently updated how maps is used? Before it was a free for all – you could just provide your postcode and away you would go. But now you have to create a developer account with valid payment details (odds are you’ll never reach the limit unless you’re a huge company) and API keys to make the maps work properly.

Did you know the importance of keeping your website updated to prevent any emerging security problems? Experience has shown us maintaining your website is as important as having a website in the first place. Maintaining your website will minimise disruption to your site caused by the likes of security breaches, evolving technology, dated platforms and vulnerable plugins. So don’t delay – update today!

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Are you breaking the rules?

You’re probably sick to death of hearing about GDPR since it was introduced last year, but there are still plenty of companies that have not taken the steps to remain compliant, meaning there have been some pretty hefty fines!

Pop-ups are an unwelcome feature on most websites you visit, but better safe than sorry right? Plus there has now been a major increase in the improvement of cyber security across Europe which is kinda cool!

We recommend that you get in touch with proper legal consultants to make sure you’re following the GDPR rules properly, but if you want to get something done on your website now then you could try considering the following: privacy policy, cookie policy, ability to update marketing preferences & adding an SSL certificate. You can read more about GDPR in our blog post here.

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Thinking about giving your website some TLC?

We love to make websites look & feel better, so ask us how you can improve your website!

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