How To Fix a Boring Website

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Have you ever visited a website and just left almost immediately because it didn’t feel stimulating or interesting enough for you to want to continue reading? The online world is open to all kinds of interactivity meaning you have no argument against making it an appealing experience for your audience.

This blog touches on ways which you can input some creativity and originality into your website to keep your customers both old & new coming back for more.

Has your homepage got a focal point?

We usually find that this question goes one of two ways. Either there is not enough content to create a focus meaning a loss of an opportunity, or there is too much information that dilutes the message completely and makes the site look messy & cluttered.

We suggest researching what you want your website visitors to know when they land on your homepage, and evaluate whether it’s something they need to know. Looking at competitor websites is a great way to compare the ideas you come up with. It also helps to make use of bold imagery in the shape of a banner or a slider to help get your message across in a visual way to aid the end user in understanding your message.

Can they interact with your website?

We have previously talked about how adding small interactions onto your website can transform the end users perception of you. Failing to add any aspects of interaction can lead to confusion or boredom which can lead to low conversion rates.

There are plenty of ways you can mix things up on your website to give it a bit of life. You could go super simple and add a gallery, voting area or share buttons. You might even go a step further and animate each step of the journey the user will take, like making a button wiggle or adding a hover effect on your images. This way they subconsciously know they are taking the right direction on your website, and you know that they’ll see the information which you want them to see.

Is your text concise or easy to read?

Sometimes you need to have long pieces of text on your website, particularly if you are a blogger or a news company. However long pieces of text aren’t unique to these kinds of businesses. Is your About page really long? If so, that’s not a problem! You just need to make it easy to read, else finding the content the end user wants to read can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.
We suggest either reducing the amount of text to make it more concise and to the point, or breaking it up with images or quote blocks to allow the reader to digest the information easier. Even adding heading titles above each section will help as it’ll make it obvious what content is within that paragraph.

Have you got obvious CTA’s?

That’s Call To Action’s. It may seem obvious, but have you made it very clear to the end user where you want them to click next? It could be a button to a product page, a link to a contact form or a video to watch. If a user doesn’t know where to click, how can you expect them to find the content you want them to see? 
CTA’s are a crucial element to web design, so make them easily recognisable and to the point. Using icons can increase engagement too, as they can quickly tell someone what they’re about to click without reading the text next to it. So a coins icon could indicate the target location is to a product. A book might indicate the destination is a blog page. You get the gist.

When was the last time you updated your blog?

Visiting a website where a blog page hasn’t been updated can turn people off. It gives the impression that a) your website isn’t a priority to you and b) that you don’t actually have anything interesting to say (even though you have a fountain of knowledge within your industry).

We know that finding time to write blogs can be difficult, however it’s an important online activity. We detailed more about why here, and also how to write good blogs here. You can ask a creative company (like us) to help write the blogs if you struggle for time. You would just need to proof read and then it can be published out into the world.

What are your fonts like?

We love a good font here, which is why we’re strong believers that choosing the right set of typography and using it in the right way can completely transform your website. There are a vast amount of options out there, and legibility should always be the number one criteria on your list however you should try and incorporate your brand style too and ensure that the brand continuity sticks.

There are many font choices available. We recommed starting with Google fonts if you’re new to this as they are widely recognised across browsers. You should aim to choose one main font and then a secondary one to add a little more flair, fun & depth to your online brand.

Suffering from a boring website?

Have you read this blog and thought that your website might fit into one of these brackets? We can help you identify areas of your website that need improving and advise how to go about doing so.

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