10 Questions to ask
before meeting your
website designer…

10 Questions to ask before meeting your website designer…


Alicja’s Colour Of The Month – Pumpkin Orange!

    Colour of the Month - Pumpkin Orange Approx a 2 minute read... As Halloween begins to approach slowly, Alicja has decided to choose a Spooky Pumpkin Orange to represent the month of October. Make your branding stand out through incorporating Pumpkin Orange within your logo or marketing campaigns. This vibrant colour is not only bold and flashy but it is also very memorable which is important when converting users into your customers. Where did it originate from? Pumpkin Orange just as...

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5 mistakes businesses make online

No one wants their website to fall behind and lose their rank hence why you should be consistently and regularly checking up on your website - brush away those cobwebs!

In this blog we will talk about 5 mistakes that many businesses make online which can be simply avoided and will prevent your website from being negatively impacted as a result of a few errors.

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The importance of digital marketing post lockdown

As we begin to return back into the real world after lockdown and reflect on the world both personally and professionally it is quite apparent that digital marketing, SEO & focusing on your target audience is the key to helping your business survive.

Essentially, the key factor in all of this is and what every business needs is a large volume and substantial quality of traffic being directed to your website. Implementing a strong and clear digital marketing strategy will allow your business to plan how to reach wider audiences and draw more users to your website. This has been a case for a while but ever since lockdown it has become a necessity rather than a luxury to ensuring that your business survives and continues to thrive.

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What makes users click on your website?

  What makes users click on your website?Lets find out! Whenever we feel like there is a question or query that is bothering us what is the first thing you would do to find your answer? Ask the Googles of course! We are all information addicts and the unresting feeling of not being able to find a solution to your question can be quite uncomfortable for us. This kind of situation is referred to as a 'knowledge gap' meaning that we can't switch off a mental task that is still unfinished...

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Alicja’s Colour Of The Month – Walnut Brown

    Colour of the Month - Walnut Brown Approx a 2 minute read... This month Alicja has chosen a warmer colour palette and more specifically a 'Walnut Brown'. When incorporating brown within your marketing it gives the impression of reliability and a sense of strength which can be ideal for big corporate businesses to use within their logo or marketing campaigns. Where did it originate from? The colour brown has been used since Ancient Times by various tribes which can be seen widely in...

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Timeline Strategy

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are two of the busiest and biggest shopping days of the entire year. The countdown has started and online retailers are beginning to plan & execute their marketing strategies. According to a survey conducted by Finder, Brits that are planning to splurge during Black Friday will spend £295.67 on average this year. This is an 18% increase compared to last years average spend of £251.20.

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