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You may be starting a new business, updating the content of an existing website or going online for the first time as a local business. Whatever your situation, you need to remember you are running a local business and you need the right kind of content on your site in order for local customers to find you! Content can make or break a website, get it right and watch business grow.

—Why Local Matters.

Firstly, local content will relate to the people who visit your website, those people are potential customers! It is important that they can see quickly and easily that your business offers the services or products that they need in a location that suits them. If you do not have local content to communicate then your potential customer may look elsewhere.

Local content also helps search engines distinguish which areas you area and will help you to show up in search results when someone wants to find a coffee shop in Kidderminster, you will appear in the results if you show in your content you are a coffee shop based in Kidderminster.

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—Name, Address & Phone.

Most of us would realise that having your business name, address & phone number on your website is fundamentally important, however, most of us probably wouldn’t realise just how important it is! Not only does it let customers see where you are located and how to get in contact with you, it also helps search engines identify your location which helps when showing up in local search results.

It is also important to include your business name, address & phone number on other websites too such as online business directories. These directories are used to find businesses and also really helpful under local search results. You must ensure your details are the exact same on your website and all other directories to show consistency and not confuse the search engines which could effect your search results.

Remember, if you change your contact number or address, to update this on your website and all associated directories.

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Reviews and testimonials are a great way to help prove that your business is trustworthy and credible. They are great tools to convince potential customers that your product or service is right for them and other existing customers are there to prove it on your website. Reviews and testimonials can show up in search results if you add in a person’s name & location.

You can gather reviews in many ways, either third party with Google My Business (ask us for more info!) and other online business directories or directly through your website. It is important that you monitor and respond to reviews on third party sites so you can put things right if something has gone wrong! If you do decide to collect them on your website directly, create an onsite review policy so everyone is clear when and why you will remove their review.

—External Content.

Although this is fundamentally looking at your own website content, it is also key to be aware of external content which can be found on external review sites and business listings. Ensure all content is up to date and consistent with your website content to be found more within local searches.

Press coverage from local online newspapers is a great way to boost your online profile as they rank highly within searches. Another good way to enhance your external content is to work with local businesses and organisations in your area and try to establish some cross linking across your websites and blog posts.

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