Introducing our February edition of our monthly roundup! Check out what the team have been up to, both in and out of the office, see what our favourite projects have been and learn about new products, services and offers! Treat yourself this lunchtime and see what we’ve been getting up to!

We Are Still Reducing Prices!

Over the last year we have been busy reducing our prices of some of our most popular products! One of our favourite and most recent reductions has been our Soft Touch “Grand Suede” Business Cards. These cards are so tantalisingly tactile no one will be able to resist giving them a little rub. The soft touch lamination is smoother than a baby seal’s belly. Perfect for creating a great first impression!

Think you might want to have a touchy-feel for yourself? Get in touch here and we’ll pop one in the post to you, free of charge!

Our March Offer…

This month, we have permanently reduced our whole folder range! From our new fancy Grand Suede soft touch folders, to Fat Folders, to our bestselling Presentation Folders, there is a stylish document holder available for all tastes. Also, during the month of March only we are offering an extra £50 off our whole folder range! (You can thank us later).

Fancy a browse of our folder range? Get in touch here and we’ll pop a brochure in the post to you, free of charge!

Bluewaters Canine Hydrotherapy Website

Our friends over at Bluewaters Canine Hydrotherapy approached the us in need of a new responsive website to update their old, tired and worn out one. As dog lovers, the Pixel team were incredibly excited to be doing a project that is all about looking after dogs of all kinds so we dived (pun intended) straight into this project with lots of fresh ideas!

The team got to work on this project and after researching to see what was already out there, we decided on a bright, vibrant and contemporary look for the site. The photographs that we were supplied from Bluewaters were stunning, so we wanted to make sure we used lots of them in the site to really give it an identity to be proud of. The Pixel team are absolutely delighted to show off this project, this is definitely one of our favourites!

You can check out Bluewaters’ snazzy new website by clicking here. Got some questions about this project? Drop us a message here and we’ll be in touch!

The Realto Bridge…

We are excited to announce that a new product “add-on”, The Rialto, is now available for our Stage backdrops! The Rialto is a bridge attachment which sits at right angles to a Stage, and features a TV bracket on the outward facing panel. This is an ideal product for any kind of exhibition that you want to create that WOW factor!

Why not have a little browse of the rest of our exhibitions range here, or check out our brand new “how-to” videos here!


Dan’s Highlight of the Month

Dan’s highlight this month as been an addition to the Barnes household! Meet Milo the Lurcher, who has been adopted by Dan and his family after spending some time at Forest Dog Rescue. Milo is 7 months old, is white and has brown spots on him that we all think look like little tea stains (sorry Milo)! He has settled into his new home and hangs out with the Pixel Team in the office with his big brother Elvis!


Linzi’s Highlight of the Month

This month, Linzi’s highlight has been working on Black Velvet Events‘ website, which is now live! Linzi has a keen interest in the world of event/wedding planning so this project was great fun for her, and the things she enjoyed most about working on the site was having beautiful images to work with and being able to integrate a video feature!

Katie’s Highlight of the Month

Katie has spent a week away from the office this month with her family in the hot sunny island of Tenerife! They had a wonderful week away, relaxing by the pool and eating lots of tasty food, pancakes! They even had a go at kayaking and parasailing, both of which ended up very wet activites!

She is now back at the office feeling refreshed and ready to get back to work!

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