Introducing our March edition of our monthly roundup! Checkout what the team have been up to, both in and out of the office, see what our favourite projects have been and learn about new products, services and offers! Treat yourself this evening and see what we’ve been getting up to!

We have now reached the end of the financial year and my, what a wonderful year it has been! We would like to take this opportunity to say a great big thank you to all of our clients for working with us and allowing us insight into what their industries are all about. As a team, we take massive pride in our work and are delighted to be growing and are excited (as always) to show you the new projects, both large and small, that are coming through the door.

We are also pretty excited to say that we have been working on designing ourselves a brand new super stylish website which we are super proud of and will be launching in the next few months. We have enlisted the help of local photographer/videographer Doug Anderson to take some beautiful snaps of us working away that will feature on the site, so be prepared to see some “behind-the-scenes” shots of the Pixel team getting up to their everyday shenanigans (and of course some super cute ones of Elvis & Milo)!

Watch this space to stay up to date with our little project…

Comberton Dental Surgery

Our friends over at Comberton Dental Surgery approached the Pixel team after a recommendation by another client of ours. Comberton’s branding was very out of date and inconsistent, so it was up to the team to come up with a logo/brand that would be new & fresh but was still recognisable as the same business to their customer base. Take a look at the process that we went through below to come up with their new logo & identity!

Not only have we been working on a new logo for Comberton, we have also helped them create leaflets to hand out to their clients, handy appointment cards, and we are even working on a new website that is truly going to be the bees knees. For a sneak peek check out the holding page here.

Old Logo

New Logo

Summertime Discounts!

That’s right everyone, we are having a massive sale on some of our most popular ink-on-fabric products! All the way up until the very end of August, we are offering you huge savings on products like the our fabulous fabric booths, brilliant back pack flags, stunning stage backdrops & many more!

Thinking about ordering your own? Get in touch with us for a quote to make the most of these incredible discounts! Also, why not have a little browse of the rest of our exhibitions range in the brochure below?

Dan’s Highlight of the Month

Dan’s highlight this month as been working with Francis Machine Solutions, creating a brochure that they can hand out to clients to showcase their services. Dan has been mainly designing this brochure and the project is really coming together! We have no doubt that it will be one of our favourite projects to date once it is all finished and printed. Watch this space!

Linzi’s Highlight of the Month

Linzi has enjoyed a nice long weekend away this month in Sunny Salcombe with some close friends. One of her favourite places to visit in England! She spent her time enjoying some long coastal walks, games of scrabble, sampling some of their locally made Gin at the Salcombe Gin Distillery and scrumptious fresh seafood! That sounds like a good trip – time to get back to work….


Katie’s Highlight of the Month

Katie’s highlight of March is that she is now, officially, a full time member of the Pixel team! After starting as an apprentice back in 2015, Katie is absolutely chuffed to be working 5 days a week alongside Dan & Linzi on many different creative projects! One big step for Pixel, one giant step for Katie!

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