Welcome to this week’s #WednesdayWisdom post brought to you by Katie, Pixels’ newest addition to the team! Katie loves to learn new things everyday as a graphic designer, so today she will discussing why a Wallplanner is a fab way to promote your brands with customers both old and new!

Have you ever considered using the humble wall planner as a marketing tool for your business?

If your answer is no then you probably should take a seat and let me explain why this should have crossed your mind. If you said yes then high five to you (!), I’ll be letting you know the reasons why you should carry out your Wallplanner Marketing Adventures that have been lingering in the back of your head.

Think about it, the Wallplanner you send will be referred to all year around for meetings, events, appointments, holidays, birthdays etc, Wallplanners are a super cost effective way to subtly advertise your business and stay in the back of your customers’ minds all year round.

So how can I utilise a Wallplanner?

Gifts to your customers. It is the festive season after all! Get your wallplanners designed and printed and send them out to your customers as a gift to say thank you for their business with you! Wallplanners are a super useful tool for any business, and hey who doesn’t like free stuff?

Your branding on permanent display. Sending a Wallplanner to your clients is a super cheap option when it comes to advertising your brand. The idea is to be the first call made when it comes to services that you specialise in, and having pepole stare at it for a whole year is a pretty solid way to subtly say “hellooo, call us if you need us!”. Wallplanners go for as little as 9p each, it’s a no brainer!

Useful exhibition gifts. Battle through the sea of leaflets and business cards and try handing someone a Wallplanner. In comparison to the usual piles of flyers that get thrown in the bin, Wallplanners are a practical tool that is likely to be used in the aftermath of an exhibition.


"Odds are that your customers will possess at least one wall"

– Wise Words at Nettl…

At Nettl of Kidderminster, we love Wallplanners and to say a great big thank you to all of our blog readers we are giving away a bunch of Wallplanners for free! Just drop us an email in the contact form below if you would like one.

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This week’s #wednesdaywisdom is bought to you by Katie!

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