The Importance of Caring for your Website


Experience has shown us maintaining your website is as important as having a website in the first place. Maintaining your website will minimise disruption to your site caused by the likes of security breaches, evolving technology, dated platforms and vulnerable plugins. If you’re online, stay online. Read on to discover why caring for your website is an important process in your investment…

Website Security

Security updates are essential to keep naughty hackers at bay. An unpatched security update could leave your website wide open to these undesirables getting into your website and causing havoc, which can in turn be devastating for your online investment and can take time to fix.

How can I avoid this? It’s best to completely avoid the problem in the first place rather than having to spend time & money on fixing what has been broken, so it’s crucial to make sure all plugins, platforms and themes are as up to date as possible.

Evolving Technology

The world of technology is forever growing & evolving which we love, but it can mean that special features on your website need a little more love than others. For example, say your website is running a booking system that you completely rely on and it suddenly stops working. This could be down to you choosing to update your booking system plugin but not the theme. This particular problem boils down to the updated plugin not being compatible with an out of date theme.

How can I avoid this? Pay attention to plugins & themes that need updates. If you do update one you should try and do updates across all of them to ensure they’re all singing off the same hymn sheet. This minimises risk of broken features that you rely on.

Search Engine Optimisation

This is a little different to plugin & theme updates. This focuses more on the actual content on your website. We all want to please Google, and we tell you a bit more about how to do that here, however one of the main things to remember is that algorithms can focus on the quality of the content on your website.
How can I do this? Regular & good quality updates to the content of your website does wonders for your SEO, as well as boosting your search engine traffic. Writing blog posts and refreshing old content is a great way to do this in small chunks, and your website will thank you for it!

Slow website

Over time, a website can start getting slower (nobody likes a slow website!) if updates have not been carried out. It could also be down to evolving technology and your website is simply not suitable for the way that the modern world browses.
How can I avoid this? Again, make sure you do your updates! If you’re already on top of this, you could run some page speed tests to identify what might be causing your slow website and then you can work to improve the speed where you feel is necessary. It may also be the case that your website needs a total overhaul to get it back to its former glory.

Haven’t got the time?

We can help you maintain your website if you can’t, click the button below to find out about nettl:care

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