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The importance of digital marketing post lockdown…

Those that are focusing on SEO are already ahead

As we begin to return back into the real world after lockdown and reflect on the world both personally and professionally it is quite apparent that digital marketing, SEO & focusing on your target audience is the key to helping your business survive.

Essentially, the key factor in all of this and what every business needs is a large volume and substantial quality of traffic being directed to your website. Implementing a strong and clear digital marketing strategy will allow your business to plan how to reach wider audiences and draw more users to your website. This has been a case for a while but ever since lockdown it has become a necessity rather than a luxury to ensuring that your business survives and continues to thrive.



Those businesses which have been built around search engine optimisation (SEO) are already ahead of the game alongside those that are heavily involved on digital communication platforms (i.e. through social media or blogs) that are looking to instigate a conversation.

SEO plays a huge factor to the way that Google reads your website, the way users find you and determines how your website is ranked against competitors in your industry. Websites that use advanced SEO are proven to be much more efficient at bringing in more business and bring in users that fit under their target audience checklist. This means that the users which are entering their website fit the businesses brand and buyer persona meaning that the likelihood of them getting in touch is high and making a purchase even higher.

For more information on SEO click here or visit out SEO page to see our services and how we can help your business thrive!

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Get to know your audience


Analysing and knowing who is coming in and out of your website is really valuable to seeing how your marketing is performing. Particularly looking at the behaviour patterns of the users that are on your website i.e. what pages they are looking at, how long they are spending on them and whether they are interacting with the website at all.

The ability to understand and really get to know the behaviour of your audience will highlight the strengths and weaknesses related to what is on your website the issue of not receiving enough visitors or having a high drop-off rate may be as simple as a page not loading fast enough or having all the information needed on a single page.

Continuous web development and planning with a digital marketing agency will allow for you to define your target audience and implement practises that will help your business reach goals at the beginning of your business journey. Building, designing & testing ensures that your website is regularly being updated and features fresh content which is favoured by Google.

Additionally, an agency will provide you with regular monthly reports and recommendation on how to improve the current strategy and suggest ideas to keep the business moving forward.

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Digital marketing is crucial to helping your business survive


In-bound marketing and SEO are both crucial factors to maintaining a successful business. They play a leading role in ensuring that you are maximising your profit and through regular analysis you continue improving and achieving your goals.

Fresh, consistent and regular content will increase the likelihood of your target audience being reached and them engaging with your content. Google likes fresh content and therefore will allow your website to appear in more searches as websites that are inactive won’t rank as high as the information present on it may be outdated and therefore not as trustworthy or reliable.

At Nettl of Kidderminster, with our expertise and passion for design and marketing, we would love to assist you in your business journey ensuring that you have a strong and clear marketing strategy & are SEO ready. For more information you can visit our contact page or call us on 01562 747411 or email kidderminster@nettl.com

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