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You will have seen us raving about our forever growing ink-on-fabric range lately, and we want to share more ideas with you! This time we’ll be talking about how to use our multi-use fabric range in unconventional ways. Read on!

— Booths for Schools


Our fabric booths are very versatile, making them perfect for a school environment. The bright graphics and soft fabric can really help engage children in their schoolwork, and can be a great tool for teachers & staff. You could try setting a booth up as:

  • A reading corner with beanbags and furniture to keep the pupils’ favourite books.
  • A breakout zone for when work requires the students to be a little more separated.
  • A rewards area for those who have shown good progress in their work.
  • A quiet study space for concentrating on coursework.
  • A specifically themed space for a topic being studied that term or year.

We have recently begun a scheme with local schools to test drive a booth in their classroom spaces to see the benefit they can have on students themselves. Our booth currently features a rainforest on one side, and a Savannah plain with elephants on the other.

You can borrow our booth for  a week for free by contacting us here, we’ll drop it off to you & build it too – no hassle!


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— Jazz Up your Office Space

It’s about time we made workspaces invigorating places for your employees to work. Studies have shown that breaking up spaces can improve productivity and reduce stress. That doesn’t mean you need to call the builders in though! Fabric displays make excellent room dividers.

Inside each is a lightweight aluminium frame – clip it together and pull over the fabric graphic. By using one of our fabric booths (as mentioned above) you can create spaces to be used for coffee breaks or for taking 5 minutes to get away from a screen or phone. They’re also good for putting furniture inside and creating a more private area for conversations that don’t need to be overheard.

Likewise, using straight displays will allow you to divide up an open office/studio space. They can break sightline and make spaces feel more private. An added bonus, our fabric has a natural acoustic property and helps reduce clatter and clanging, particularly in areas with wooden or hard floors. These are also great for sectioning off parts of a room to create a reception space that doesn’t intrude on the working environment. You may even want to customise your own unique piece of fabric to use as a curtain to help hide the ghastly sight of an overflowing store room.

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— A Photographers Best Friend!

Are you in the photography business and find yourself doing a lot of portraits or weddings? Are the backdrops too much to lug about? Bored of just a white or plain background? Or maybe you’re thinking of a photo-booth effect? Why not try a curved or straight backdrop for your next event?

You can print anything you want on the fabric, meaning that you can create unique backdrops for each event you go to (you may even offer this as a premium service to add extra revenue on top). Also, once you have the aluminium frame you only need to re-order the fabric again if you want to change the design, which keeps it cheaper!

The backdrops and curved displays use one continuous graphic which means they completely eliminate the problem of visible join lines, creating a perfect background that’s ready for any occassion. Remember the little things like markers on the floor so guests know where to stand, you may even like to consider taking props to keep the event visitors enterained whilst they’re having their photos taken!

You can find out more about these displays in our booklet here.  

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— Need a hand?

Do you have a project that you think could benefit from ink-on-fabric? Talk to us. Get in touch – 01562 747411

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