5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online
5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online

Why Is Google My Business So Important?


Have you ever Googled a business and had all of their information come up in the search engine? Opening times, website links, location, reviews are a few features which you will see appear. Having this information right in front of your customers faces immediately after searching is great. It makes it easy for them to find what they’re looking for.

Here’s our blog that is all about Google My Business…

What is Google My Business?

Business owners can use Google My Business to create a totally FREE online presence on Google’s search engine. Here you can fill out your business details such as your opening times, add some photos so the end user gets an idea of where they’re going and what to expect and much more.

Google My Business is suitable for all kinds of businesses, its functionality can be tailored to any industry. You may have a storefront or location for visitors to use like a shop or hotel, or you might be a builder or a plumber who doesn’t need that functionality. It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in, you should have an account!

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Why choose it?

One of the main factors that appeals to businesses about utilising this tool is to be verified on Google Maps. This is crucial for businesses who have a physical location where customers go to buy products or services.

Having a Google My Business account set up can also mean that you might appear in local searches when someone looks for you. For example, an end user may search for ‘Pubs in Kidderminster’ and the first thing that comes up is a list of businesses who fall under that category. So the likelihood is that you might get clicked on from that, rather than the organic searches underneath.

Using a Google account also gives you access to lots of data once you have been interacted with. You can see how many times your listing has been viewed, how many people have clicked the ‘Call’ or ‘Website’ button, and even who has used the map function to get to your business.

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How do I know it’s performing?

Google My Business is a great tool, but there is a lot of competition out there. Like all things SEO related, results through this platform can’t be 100% guaranteed. There are some things you can do to optimise your profile to the max though:

  • Use photos so people can see what to expect/where to go.
  • Make sure you respond to reviews where you can, and monitor any negative ones should you get any.
  • Keep on top of your business hours and change them when necessary especially for bank holidays.
  • Create posts weekly so that Google knows you’re active.

If you’re still stuck try this article, or ask us for help!

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Want to set up a Google My Business?

We want to help you every step of the way to get your business on Google’s books!

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