Why Rebrand Your Business?


Things happen in business. Whether it’s good or bad, sometimes it may lead to you needing a new look to show that you have changed in one way or the other. Some rebrand projects are successful (FedEx), and some are done for the wrong reasons (Tropicana) and may need to cut their losses and revert back to what it was before.

Are you thinking of a rebrand? Before you take action, think about WHY you want to establish a new identity. We have made a list of a few reasons below:

#1 When a change in business leads to a new look

Over time companies change, it’s the natural way of business. Lots of places choose to redesign their brand to reflect this change, and depending on what has caused this, will determine how the redesign will be executed. Situations include:

  • Business evolution: The service of product offering has changed, or the target market has shifted.
  • Market evolution: The business needs to react/respond to demands by the consumer and a new brand is the best way to set expectations.
  • Differentiation: The market may grow and new business start. The company may need to reinvent its look to stand out.
  • New countries: A business may need to rebrand to fit in with a variety of cultures & markets.
  • Bad press: Poor reputation, PR problems or negative reactions from key team members can all add up to a brand makeover to steer away from the negativity.

#2 Become relevant

A common reason for a business to consider rebranding is to stay current & modern. Down with the kids. You know the score. But in what scenarios is this applicable?

  • Out of date: Trends are there for a reason. Things go out of fashion & start to look tired, leading to a facelift to bring them into the modern world.
  • Inconsistent: Over a period of time, brand identities may start to vary. Your business cards might look one way, and your website another. A re-brand can help streamline & freshen all parts of your brand expression.
  • Bad start: It could be that when you first designed your brand, it was rushed or not thought through properly, or didn’t match the rate of business growth.

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#3 Business Ownership Changes

There are many ways in which a business can change from an internal structural point of view such as mergers & spin-offs. These often need a re-brand to differentiate from the main brand.
It may be that a new deal is struck where names should be merged together, or brands get eliminated completely. Rebranding is a good way to show your audience that something new and different is happening in the business.

#4 Legal Requirements

If your brand encroaches on another one protected by law (such as copyright or trademark), you may be ordered to make changes to ensure that your brand looks different to the protected one.
This can be down to name, images, icons, colours etc. For example, did you know that Cadbury’s held the rights to a specific shade of purple? They have only just lost the legal battle for this, however for a long time businesses could not use that shade of purple.

What types of rebrand are there?

Visual: It may be that the rebrand you require is just a simple logo design or typeface change. Giving an already strong and existing brand a freshen up can be enough to get the impact you need.

Rename & Visual: Sometimes rebrands need something more than just a new set of colours and may call for a new name. This may happen when a business introduces a new CEO, or the market evolves and outdates a name.

All of the above: When everything about the business (down to the core) changes, it’s important to dig past the aesthetics and really understand the vision, mission & values to ensure your end user knows what your brand is all about from the off.

Thinking about a refresh?

Design is our passion, it runs through our blood! Ask us for advice on your branding project.

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