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You may turn up in search results when someone is looking for articles or answers, although if your website and content quality is not up to standard, they will soon look at the next website.

We often find, being web designers, our clients really struggle when it comes to writing content about their business, brand and industry and also the importance of quality content! Hopefully this article will help explain this better…

— Why is Great Content so important?

Having great content on your website is one of the most powerful ways for your business to connect with customers. Online content allows you to tell your business story in ways relevant to prospective clients. This can begin with your website and blog. This is the area you need to ensure quality content is key before you then start to look at connecting up your social media networks.

Having a base of well written concise content about your business, brand and industry under your domain name alongside well thought out meta descriptions and page titles will do wonders for search engine results.

Great content tends to be tied in with high quality relevant content that visitors want to find in their search results. It tells your story with authority and credibility.


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— What Type of Content?

Many people are mistaken when we say ‘content’ they just assume words. Yes great content tends to begin with words, but these words become stronger with accompanied images and videos. Images draw attention to the words and help to emphasise a point. Having visual content on your website, offers and blog articles will definitely help attract the right audience.

With the use of digital resources such as Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare etc you can now upload videos, informative presentations and embed these on your website or blog articles and in turn giving you more content to share out to social media.

What is important to remember is that the content you upload and share needs to be good quality, timeless and relevant to your business and industry!

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— How To Create Good Content

This is often the biggest stumbling block we find when talking to our customers when working on their website. It is much harder to write about yourself, your business and your industry – even though you know it inside out!

We find the best way to think about the type of content is to use tools such as Answerthepublic.com or Google and research keywords in your industry. You will soon pick up frequently asked questions, other search results. This will give you an idea of what real people are wanting to know, so why not write the answers to these questions. Share information about the people in your company but also what their roles are. Write about typical problems customers face and how you solve them.

Your blog is the best place to show a more casual writing style, add a little extra personality into your writing. This is the platform where you can regularly release relevant content and share it on your social networks to a bigger audience. Write it from an employee’s perspective, maybe a clients perspective. Provide solutions not problems, celebrate new products or services, explain in more detail your processes, perhaps local events your involved with.

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— Need Some Extra Help?

If you feel your website is lacking content, or more important good content, why not speak to one of our team for a free website consultation. We can analyse your current content and look for ways to improve from an SEO and end user experience point of view.

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