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Make It Visual. Make It Sell.

You have the message you want to portray, it’s short, it’s punchy. Now think creatively with how to present it to your prospective tactile clients. Create impact to your marketing campaigns, make it clear and shout out loud. What is the point of marketing your business if it gets ignored?

We know that print remains a large part of the marketing mix for most if not all businesses. There is nothing like a tangible brochure to persuade and influence potential clients. We can assist you with our design expertise to find the perfect creative print solution for your next project.

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It’s A Material World.

Have you thought about what finish your next print project will have? Does it need to be written on? Should it feel heavy? What will make it fit for purpose? The right choice is as important as the design itself.

There are so many finishing touches we could showcase here, but let’s not bore you – below are but a few that we LOVE. If appropriate, show off and really enhance your print with the WOW factor…

Spot the opportunity…

Make use of Spot UV.

It’s not just magpies that love shiny things, we are all attracted to them! Increase your chances of getting noticed by adding glossy StarMarque highlights to your marketing material.

Lots of businesses are finding that adding StarMarque to their marketing material is giving it a lot more weight and presence. The gloss highlights provide an additional visual stimulus because of the varied textures on the single printed surface.

Get creative with Spot UV…

Highlight your Logo

Put your logo in gloss on the front of your business card or brochure!

Add a Pattern

Add a style or pattern to your print to make them feel textured and unusual.

Reverse It Out

Make the whole surface glossy with a punch out shape to make it matt. Change up the texture!

Think outside the rectangle…

Cut it Out.

Adding a cut out or shape to a printed product can really make you stand out from the clutter. You only have a few seconds to grab attention and an interesting shape certainly does that!

Our giant die cutting machine not only makes beautiful shapes, it can also create other useful finishes to your products…


Add a crease to make your item easy to fold. Turn a flat sheet into a menu or elegant brochure!


Cut-Out any simple shape you like – just use your imagination!

Pop Outs

Add a pop-out to create a removable shape, maybe a discount or loyalty card?

Let your message shine…

With Gold, Silver or Copper

Give your marketing that extra edge over your competitors with a Hot Foil finish – something that will definitely grab your potential client’s attention! Foil is a perfect choice to add that touch of luxury to your business cards, wedding stationery or invitations. We offer Foiling in both Gold, Silver & Copper on a choice of products with an extra option of lamination over the top to really show off some creative print and design.

A Subtle Hint

Add a little accent or flair to your design.

Make A Statement

Add impact to your design by putting your logo in foil!

Ooze High Quality

Make your clients believe what they are buying, add that element of luxury to make your marketing ooze high quality.

Make them Feel It…

Give It The Soft Touch.

Don’t give them a choice, make them want to pick it up and touch it. Make them take notice. Activate their primal instincts. Sight, touch. We are programmed to use our senses to make decisions, the more senses you can stimulate with your marketing, the better!

That’s why our Grand Suede products are so powerful. With a soft touch lamination, you just have to touch and feel it. With great design, it is a real double impact.

Business Cards

First impressions count, right?


Elegant, thick & show you mean business.


Improve how professionally your business is perceived.

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