2018: Celebrating 15 Years in Business 

Est 2003, 2018 saw Pixel Design & Print (now trading as Nettl of Kidderminster) enter into it’s 15th year of trading. We’ve seen many businesses come and go during this time, and we helped many to flourish too. Where does the time go? For a trip down memory lane, read on and find out how we got to where we are today.

Now in 2020, with 17 years in business under our belt, we can’t wait to see what this year brings…

Where it all began…

Back in 2003, when Dan was a young wipper snapper, his father-in-law suggested it would be a good idea to set up a business of his own. Still trying to make a good impression on the new in-laws, Dan decided to take this advice. So, with a brand new G4 iMac, courtesy of his father-in-law, and a small back office in Kidderminster, he did just that – and opened Pixel Design & Print Services.

The Sidekick

To keep Dan company in the lonely early days, Dan’s wife suggested it would be a good time to get a dog, as he could take it to work. As if starting a new business wasn’t hard enough on it’s own, without having to dog sit as well! Within months of starting the business, Elvis was introduced to the humble dwellings of Pixel’s confined office.

The Franchise

Things went well over the next few years, and Pixel had to subsequently expand its services to help with customers needs. By 2008 Pixel was approached by printing.com and asked to run it’s Kidderminster Branch. Pixel obliged. Taking on the printing.com bolt-on franchise helped expand Pixel’s offering to customers and also assisted with various marketing collateral. With things as busy as they were, Pixel moved into next doors larger offices. This progression however, created another problem – more work.

Enter Stage Left

By 2011, it was time for Pixel to expand in a different way – more manpower was required. And so Linzi joined the team as a part-time graphic designer, and soon full time office boss. With Linzi on board and the printing.com franchise, growth sped up even further and things really started to take off. In 2013, we decided to make it official – Pixel Design and Print Services was incorporated and now officially Pixel Design & Print Ltd. (but still trading as printing.com @ Pixel Design).

The year 2015…

The years went by and although Pixel was prosperous, there was a problem – we were being referred to, all to often, as ‘the printers’, which was annoying. But what to do? Then 2015 arrived, which was an eventful year. The organisation that owned printing.com released another franchise model call Nettl, and asked Pixel to be one of the first. This ticked our boxes! The marketing truly encapsulated Pixel’s services in full – a complete creative agency.

Three’s a Charm (+ dog)

Nettl gave us the tools we needed to combat the 2015 Mobilegeddon. This was when Google decided that websites needed to get all mobile friendly or else. So, good fortune and a bundle of talent helped us grow Pixel yet further still.

Oh, and another thing happened in 2015 (we said it was eventful). Katie, our first apprentice joined the ranks. A truly talented team was forming. The next 2 years saw Pixel’s quickest growth in it’s history. As Pixel grew, so did Nettl’s offerings, which allowed us to add even more services to our portfolio. It was all good.

Two’s company

It was all good… until 2017, when Dan, Linzi and Katie were feeling an atmosphere in the studio. A slight unrest. Elvis, who had been with Pixel from the very beginning, was starting to feel left out and something needed to be done. And so Milo, the second office dog arrived at the Pixel offices – this one greets every customer with puppy eyes and a longing to make yet another friend.

Loss of a best friend…

On the 1st of October 2018, we had the saddest news. We had to say goodbye to Elvis, the most popular four-legged friend and true King of the Studio. He was here from the start and after 14 years he will be sadly missed, but never forgotten. Many, many clients over the years came very fond of Elvis, some of which visited our offices purely to see him. He was the perfect dog in every way – handsome, kind, well behaved and a best friend. He had a good life and will remain in our hearts forever.

The move…

In early 2019, we finally moved to our new premises. Take a look below to see what happened…


2019 rolled around, and as we continued to grow by working closely with our clients and learning new things everyday, we soon realised that we would need a new set of hands to help us manage all of the exciting projects we were working on.

It was decided that we would take on a new social media & digital marketing apprentice – enter Alicja! Our team had now grown to a grand total of 4 (plus dog), and we were truly excited to continue developing our services & skillsets, which in turn enabled us to offer even more creative input for our customers.

Puppy Alert!

In December, we had the best Christmas surprise! Dan & the Barnes family collected a new puppy – Holly (aptly named for the festive period)! She is a Lurcher cross Springer and is a sweet ball of joy when she’s not up to all sorts of mischief. We’re enjoying cuddles with her whilst she’s still small enough – by the look of her paws she’s got a bit of growing to do!

Well, that just about brings us up to date, although plans are a foot! Watch this space for more history as the years roll on. In the meantime, if you need a creative thinking digital agency…
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