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Who Make Things Happen.

Our creative studio Pixel Design, was established in 2003 and have built up a reputation for being able to interpret customers needs and delivering above and beyond expectations. We have evolved over the years with our combined 34 years industry experience and Nettl partnership to become the ‘go to’ company for any business needing a design, web and print marketing solution.

We are a team of design professionals who are dedicated to delivering eye-catching branding & graphic design, creative high quality print and responsive websites. Our creative team thrive on providing a first class service, great marketing ideas and great value.

With our technical knowledge, strategic thinking and personal service, we believe we are the perfect solution for your business marketing.

Ciao! I’m Dan.

DANIEL BARNES (dan-yull  bah-ns)

I am the Creative, Managing Director and have been taking the business forwards since 2003. I am extremely passionate about attention to detail and customer service which is why I am often involved in all projects to ensure they meet client’s expectations and they achieve their goals.

My spare time is usually spent walking the dogs or being Dad’s taxi. My hobbies include Taekwondo and chilling on the playstation when I get 5.

Dreaming of:  Banff & Rome

Hola! I’m Linzi.

LINZI DUNN (lin-zee  dun)

I am a Creative Stylist and general studio manager. I have over 10 years Industry experience in visual communication and my passion truly lies with Website Design and UX.

From brainstorming & delivering brand concepts through to creating a visually beautiful website that is interactive, effective & practical, I can be found managing most projects from start to finish.

Dreaming of:  Swinging in a hammock under palm trees in The French Polynesian Islands!

Cześć! I’m Alicja.

ALICJA SZPALA (a-leet-see-ah  sh-pal-la)

I am one of the Creative Designers at Nettl of Kidderminster.

I love engaging with clients and people in general as it allows us to share ideas to create something amazing! I was actually born in Poland and came over to the U.K when I was 8. I also have a strong drive to showcase my work to a high professional standard – could call me a bit of a perfectionist. Social media is my passion and is something that I want to put all of my effort and time into to make sure that it is constantly being kept on top of.

One thing you should know about me is that I absolutely love dogs and wish that I could adopt them all.

Dreaming of: Travelling around Asia!

Bonjour! I’m Meg.

MEGAN ANDREWS (meg-an an-drew-s)

I am one of the Creative Designers here at Nettl of Kidderminster.

I love all things creative and have a real passion for brand design, print and digital marketing.

I have a degree in Graphic Design and several years’ experience working as an in-house Web and Graphic Designer.

Turning your vision into reality is what I strive to achieve by creating timeless, high-quality designs.

In my spare time, I love to go shopping to keep up with fashion trends and go on long walks!

Dreaming of: Traveling around Italy, eating gelato, pizza and drinking wine!

Woof! I am Milo.

MILO BARNES (my-low  bah-ns)

I’m your best friend, well actually I’m everyone’s best friend. I’m not fussy. I love to meet and greet whenever we have a visitor, but I’m usually kept behind a desk, so you’ll see my eager and happy face begging to come and say hello. I love some love & attention, so dog lovers are most welcome!

I am the studio security dog and anyone who deemed unsavoury will be licked to death, but anyone I deem to be a friend (not a foe!) also has the same potential fate. I understand that some people aren’t fans of the canine kind so the team keep me separated from customer areas of our studio – unless my presence is requested of course!

Yip Yap! I’m Holly.

HOLLY BARNES (hol-lee  bah-ns)

I am the newest addition to the bow-wow gang at Nettl!

I am a Lurcher cross Springer & joined the team in December 2019, I have since been a little whirlwind! I’m only a pup which means I’m a bit of a mischief maker, but when I get tired from my many antics, my favourite things involve tummy scratches, cuddles with the team and playing with all of my toys with my best pal Milo!

I love meeting new people, (especially dog lovers) and I can’t wait to meet you very soon!

A day in the life of nettl…

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