Well then, that’s a wrap everybody! It’s nearing the end of the year (phew!) and soon we will be saying goodbye to 2016 and saying a massive “hello, how do you do?!” to 2017!

We would love to just take a moment and say a huge thank you to everyone who worked with us this year, the projects that we have taken under our creative wings have been a pleasure to complete, from wonderful websites, to stunning social media marketing, to incredible ink-on-fabric!

We have had lots of fun in the Pixel office this year, welcoming clients both old and new into our office to work on a vast variety of projects. We have also enjoyed visiting some of our clients on-site at their offices and seeing what their work environments are like, helping us to develop our understanding of their businesses further. It’s always a joy to help a business accomplish their goals with the help of our creative vision, and as “ideas people” this is something we take a great pride in!

Not only has our customer base grown this year, we now have a new(ish) member of the team, Katie, who started with us as an Apprentice back in 2015. After finishing her apprenticeship in September 2016 Katie has now taken up the role of a Graphic Designer at Pixel. She works alongside Dan & Linzi, helping with any projects that come through the door and also focuses a lot of her time on our in-house marketing. By having an extra creative in the team we are now growing and becoming much more efficient than ever before!

As a team, we have taken on plenty of projects that have sometimes taken us away from our comfort zones. Being a group of individuals who enjoy the challenge of learning new things, it is always exciting to us when we receive projects that can be complex as there is no feeling quite like overcoming obstacles in the workplace! During 2016, we really raised the bar of what we can accomplish as a creative team. We always try to challenge and improve our skills in the Pixel office and look forward to showing you some fantastic new projects and ventures that we have been working on in the new year.

As we take a step back and really take a look at what we have accomplished this year, we just can’t wait for 2017 to arrive so we can show you more of what we can do you during the next year! Good times!

Take a look at some of the things we got up to in 2016 below!