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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Creating Evergreen Content…

Before we dive in to the topic, what is evergreen content?​

This term refers to content that has been search-optimised and kept “fresh” for a long duration of time. As the name states, this type of content is always relevant & stays “evergreen”, but how can you create content that remains relevant for years to come?

Evergreen content is perfect for increasing the amount of traffic coming to your website without needing to regularly post new content out. The most important guide to creating evergreen content, is to make it timeless, relevant & interesting to read. The most common formats of evergreen content are: tips, product reviews, how-to content & listicles. However, you can also create blogs or articles which dive into common but conceptual topics that people may struggle understanding, providing advice/tips regarding a specific industry and creating relevant Q&A’s.

Drive a continuous amount of traffic to your website…


Let’s address the elephant in the room, the most important aspect of having and creating evergreen content is that they generate a continuous amount of traffic to your website for a long periods of time. This means that your website is staying active & receives a lot of users from organic searches. The amount of traffic coming into your site is important when it is looked for an analytical point of view, the concept behind traffic is that it causes a snowball effect towards many other things, such as ranking. The more users visit your site with a low amount of drop-off’s and bounce rates, the more your website appears trustworthy, therefore having a positive effect on where it lays within SERPs.

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Improves your ranking on search engines…


As mentioned briefly, evergreen content ultimately leads to your website performing better and therefore causing it to rank higher within search engines. This is the result of the snowball effect initiated through a large amount of traffic coming to your website. 

You could also describe the outcome of this as having a yo-yo effect on the evergreen blog itself. As more users read the blog due to its relevancy & conveniency, the more traffic is generated and the higher your website will begin to rank. As time goes on, the competitive market in various industries is multiplying and increasing which makes it hard to rank high on search engines. However, by posting evergreen content, more users will be intrigued and prompted to visit your website.

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Allows you to position yourself as a leader within your industry…


Being labelled or perceived as a leader or someone highly knowledgable within your industry is key in order to be the first point of contact when a user doesn’t quite understand a specific topic or is looking for a service. Through generating a lot of evergreen content you may start standing out between all the other competitors which will cause users to come to you & your website in search for answers, advice, tips & services in your industry. 

It is difficult to stand out against masses of competitors as essentially you need to be doing something that they aren’t which can prove quite challenging as you all are in the same industry. Finding relevant topics to talk about that are “evergreen” is quite easy, you can gain inspiration and ideas from other competitors, newspapers & google by looking at key words that users are searching for. 

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Generate more prospects to your sales…


Sales are exceptionally important for all business owners and rightfully so as running a business comes at a significant expense. Evergreen content can lead to an increase in sales due to generating more traffic, ranking your website higher & therefore resulting in a larger exposure for users to be able to find you.

In addition, within your evergreen content you can advertise your services/business in order to help users with that specific topic. For example, if they are looking for tips on writing the perfect CV, you can offer to provide a consultation which takes them through that process. to generate sales, you need to build trust with your audience and allow them to see that you are an expert in the field which they can turn to for help & advice. You can begin creating that bond through creating evergreen content and featuring your service within these blog posts/articles.

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