5 Sins of Advertising

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Have you taken in to account that the content you are presenting could actually be having a reverse effect on your brand? Lets be honest with ourselves, we are all guilty of seeing a branding email pop up without even taking a minute to process what we are seeing – instead the file is sent straight to junk. To avoid such calamity, these are ‘5 sins of advertising’ we should all avert from.


1. Fake Factory of Followers

Nowadays, people take their follower counts very seriously. It’s a no brainer, we mean, more followers means your content is more likely to be noticed in the mainstream media.

An issue that only in the recent years has become a major problem is that this competitiveness has caused people to go and buy ‘fake followers’. You may wonder, ‘’What’s the issue with that? This will encourage real people to follow and get my brand out there’’. Well that is the idea but isn’t always the case. This can make your accounts, blogs, websites etc. look very untrustworthy to your chosen social media platform and may even be going against their terms of service. As a result, this can cause a major backlash and may even cause your profiles to appear less and less on your audiences’ feeds.

2. Spamming Content

Of course, you want to promote your brand and maximize the publicity to increase sales but put yourself in a consumers’ shoes. They may be receiving up to 1000 brand messages a day which clutters up inboxes. Not to mention, this can lead to your target customer either ignoring your content or blocking it completely. You often hear ‘less is more’ but you don’t want to not expose your media either as that won’t make your brand noticed; you need to find the right balance.

If you’re involved in marketing, you may have heard of ‘Rule of 7’. This states that in order for a client to remember you they need to ‘’hear’’ about you at least 7 times before taking action. By this we mean you contact them in various ways such as: post, phone, email. This can be spread monthly which would create a perfect harmony between wanting to be noticed and not ending in the spam section of a consumers’ email. (1)

3. False Promises

You need to be honest with your clients. There has been a rise in fake news that we are exposed to on the daily, an article stated that this has led to a reduced trust in advertising by 35% according to an article conducted by WARC. Therefore, you should ensure that what you are posting and the message that you are sending is genuine and factual.

With this in mind, in business it is fundamental to maintain a good relationship with your clients – be authentic with them.

4. Lack of GDPR Prioritisment

We actually wrote an in-depth blog about what GDPR is, if you click here you can read more about it.

The system came into full effect on May 25th 2018 and has since changed how we use and share data. You must remain transparent and clearly state what you need the information for, where that information is going and what you are intending to do with it. A poll conducted by office equipment specialist ‘Fellowes’ showed that 14% of workers have suffered consequences after wrongful handling of data and from another survey a further 33% admit that they left confidential/personal data unattended.

Ensure that you prioritise your current and future clients data and make them aware of the way your company handles their data & then this in return will benefit your brand as it makes it seem more trustworthy.

5. Choosing The Wrong Audience

As a business you need to have a defined target audience. This will make it easier to reach your clients. Why not profile your customers? Look at the similarities and check statistically what type of content receives the most attention.

Get to know your customers, are they mainly female? What age are they? Be strict with your specification. Have a look at what other businesses are promoting and who their target audience is, you will start to notice gaps meaning you can use it to your advantage e.g. rival content is targeted towards under 18s, you can compensate for that and target over 18s.

You won’t be able to maximise your profit unless what you are promoting is relevant to the audience you are targeting and is something that will perk their interests.

Are you driving your customers away?

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