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Landing Page Mistakes & How To Avoid Them…



Landing pages are used by businesses just like yours to increase website conversions. Whilst there is perhaps no such thing as a perfect landing page, there are many things that can have an impact on performance. A landing page may not necessarily be your home page, it may be a standalone page created specifically for a campaign. It is the page that is specifically designed to do one thing – convert.

Here is a list of 5 common Landing page mistakes we often see that may be the cause of your lack of conversion success…

—Too Many Distractions

In the real world, when you arrive somewhere you instantly scan your surroundings for things that will help you decide where to go and what to do next. It is the same when surfing online so we need to make this as easy as possible for our online audience.

Removing distractions and unnecessary clutter on your website will minimise options and help guide the end user in the right direction. Reduce text to a minimum to avoid users getting side tracked and remove any links. Change the page layout to hide menus and sidebars, so that the only action available is the one you have chosen. This leaves the visitor only two options, complete the step or leave! By limiting the choices like these will lead to increased conversion rates.

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—Lame Headlines

Just like in a newspaper, the headline is the most important part of the page. It is the bit that everyone reads and easily the most important part of your landing page.

It should captivate interest with the benefits on offer rather than a boring descriptive title. The challenge is creating a headline that is compelling but also concise. Remember, the goal is to ‘sell the next step’ Is your headline persuasive enough?

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—Confusing ‘Call To Action’

If the purpose of a page is to encourage the user to do one specific thing, then it may seem obvious to say you should make that very clear! Many unsuccessful landing pages actually lose sight of this, making things difficult for the visitor. Reduce friction & make it easy!

Buttons should be large, clear, prominent. There should be no more than one or two, remember to limit their options but make them clear and easy to convert. If there are too many options the user has to make a decision. This can be enough to put a bump in the road.

Forms should be limited to the minimum amount of information needed, asking people to fill in too much information is a surefire conversion killer.

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—Not Testing

It is easy to tell if something is working, but how do you know if something is working as well as it can? The only way is by testing. Make design choices to optimise your page based on the data and this can really supercharge your results.

You can test everything about the page to see what leads to more leads! Different headlines, copy, images, videos, testimonials. If you have buttons, it is worth testing both the text on the buttons and the colour. You can even test alternative layout designs.

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—Not Promoting

You can create the best landing page in the world, wow design, awesome headline, great compelling offer – but if you do not work to send the traffic there in the first place it will fail miserably. If your website attracts a lot of visits already, then links rom your site may be a viable option but most businesses will want to push for more.

Landing pages aren’t generally optimised for SEO to traffic often arrives from a different source. Ads are a popular source of traffic, whether from Google or Social Media apps. Email marketing is an extremely effective way to send qualified targeted traffic to your landing page. Don’t ignore direct mail either, sending stuff in the post still works for Google, Ebay and Amazon!

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—Seems Like A Lot Of Work

Landing pages are powerful sales tools but they can seem a little daunting to manage effectively. Designing professional layouts featuring quality content, testing multiple options and driving traffic through consistent marketing is time consuming. It can be overwhelming when you have a business to run.

The good news is that we are here to help and can design optimised pages, manage campaigns and drive traffic to your landing page.


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