Colour of the Month – Candy Cane Red

As the year is beginning to come to an end we thought what better way to finish our ‘Alicja’s Colour Of The Month’ series but with a classic and christmasy ‘Candy Cane Red’!

Many businesses choose to steer away from this vibrant and expressive colour but we think it is such a classic and signature colour that you would be missing out by not incorporating it within your branding.

Where did it originate from?

Apart from being famously worn by none other than Santa Claus himself, the colour red goes all the way back to Ancient Egypt & Mayans where they would use red pigments and paints to celebrate victories and ceremonies.

Candy Cane Red is a vibrant and bold colour that symbolises power, love, vigor and beauty. It is also why it is so widely used & incorprated in designs during Valentine’s & the Christmas season as they are times of love and celebration.


Marketing is all about capturing attention & expanding your online presence. Bold & vibrant colours like red do just exactly that, they grab your attention. In fact, in colour psychology red is percieved to be the most intense colour and therefore evokes the strongest emotions from your audience.

You can see some of the most famous and iconic brands like Coca Cola & YouTube that use red as a part of their brand awareness and are instantly recognised by their signature colour. Red is arguebly one of the best colours for small and start-up businesses as not only is it such a noticeable colour but it builds excitment and is very compelling in terms of engaging with calls to action.

Branding examples of Candy cane red

See how famous businesses have incorporated our colour of the month in their branding…

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