Colour of the Month – Walnut Brown
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This month Alicja has chosen a warmer colour palette and more specifically a ‘Walnut Brown’. When incorporating brown within your marketing it gives the impression of reliability and a sense of strength which can be ideal for big corporate businesses to use within their logo or marketing campaigns.

Where did it originate from?

The colour brown has been used since Ancient Times by various tribes which can be seen widely in nature. Brown is undoubtedly an earthy colour which can look modern and professional in the right kind of setting. Many hair and beauty brands incorporate brown as it gives a perception of strength and reliability to their customers. However, professional corporate businesses also use brown within their branding & marketing as it can be an authoritarian colour that gives the business a sense of authority over their competitors.

Why choose Walnut Brown?

When it comes to marketing and selling your products and services it is important to create an accurate perception of your business and brand. Brown is a colour that can be used to instill feelings of reliability, dependability & nurturing (Very well mind, 2020), it can also be a sophisticating colour and often is used as a part of a business marketing for many professional beauty or grooming products. However, you need to be careful when selecting a shade of brown to use for your branding as sometimes it can be perceived as quite unappealing and distasteful which is why ‘Walnut Brown’ is the perfect shade to use to give the appearance of a professional, reliable and sophisticated business.

Here are some examples of incorporating Walnut Brown in marketing campaigns:

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