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We have already had a taste of Summer with the scorching weather recently, some temperatures reaching the hottest they have in 70 years! We are already trying to spend as much time outdoors as we can, but are you ready?

You may be attending festivals, fetes, village fairs or farmers markets. You may be broadcasting your brand with flags on the forecourt or side of the building. You may just want to make a better work environment for your staff with a beer garden or patio area for the staff to kick back on a Friday afternoon! Here are some ideas to improve your outdoor advertising for your business!

—Take Cover!

Whenever you visit a market, festival or fair, you will always see traders or stalls under a gazebo to protect from the sun, rain or wind! Our range of branded gazebo’s now feature lower cost options so you can make the most of your marketing budget.

The gazebo frame itself is always the same, you can then tailor the choice of a plain black canopy or branded printed fascia. You can go all out and have the entire roof fully printed too! Not to mention the side panels, full height or half height. You can make it yours and so it is practical for your setup too.

Each canopy is water resistant giving you a dry shelter if it does rain. You can even re-use for different events, keep the frame and just change the fabric design for each event!

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—Throw some shade!

Our Patio Parasols can be totally personalised to suit your business or promotion. Each panel can be individually designed or a generic design or pattern throughout. A perfect way to enhance your brand outside of your cafe, bar or restaurant.

They are printed in fade-resistant inks on a tough resilient fabric and will fit into a standard umbrella hole in a bench or you can choose to team it up with one of our additional weight bases which can be filled with water to add extra stability.

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—Take a seat, Relax!

First bit of sunshine and we are all outside! If you have a nice outdoor space at work, maybe a courtyard, add in some of our fabulous printed deckchairs or bean bags to create a chill out area!

A perfect addition to a cafe, bar or restaurant area needing a bit of an overhaul to attract people to enjoy the sunshine with a nice drink!

Printed single or both sides, these great outdoor seating options create amazing visual impact especially teamed up with our parasols and backdrops!

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—The VIP Treatment!

Why not create an exclusive area in your beer garden or cafe courtyard using our Branded Cafe Barriers? Give your customers the VIP treatment!

Our starter kit contains a single graphic with two posts, bases and cross bars. You can then buy an add-on kit for each extra graphic you need which comes with another post, base and cross bars! Add as many as you like and create a line or angled area!

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—Flag Them Down!

Improve visibility of your business by flying a branded flag outside of your office, bar or shop! We have so many options of flag from style, functionality or base to suit each environment!

First choose your style of flag, would it need to be standing or wall mounted? Would you like to be able to move the flag around – say attached to a backpack?

Then you need to choose the suitable material for the flag! This will largely be dependant on where the flag will be located. We can produce these single or double sided with vents for more exposed windy areas to allow the air to pass through the flag material!

Finally you just need to choose your base!

Take a look at our exhibit guide, you may be surprised at some of our ideas and how they can be applied to your business or next event!

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