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How to adapt… as a restaurant

Don’t know where to start?​

We are beginning to see hints of clarity over the current economical situation on when restaurants might be able to reopen, and what they need to be doing in order to adapt & safely reopen to the public. A few of the larger chains like McDonald’s, KFC and Greggs are trialling or have set a deadline to open their doors by. The real question is how have they adapted their stores to make it safe for customers?

Trial & Error…


As you may have recently heard, many of the big chains have spent the last week trialling reopens of a few of their restaurants; McDonald’s being one of them with plans to reopen 15 of their restaurants by 13th May.

We are all learning and testing measures on ways to make work environments not only safe for the customers but also our staff members. Many restaurants rely on in-house seating rather than delivery or take-away. This may still be possible if strict measures are put in place such as; 2 metres apart tables with limited seating which may require an online booking system that customers need to use in order to secure a table. Government is also developing an app that allows users to trace areas most affected by COVID-19 and restaurants may require customers to use the app before arrival to the restaurant, as an additional precaution.

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Drive-Thru or Delivery…


If it is not possible for you to adapt inside the building, it may come down to only opening the drive-thru’s or offering delivery services. Many restaurants are beginning to partner up with larger delivery chains such as UberEats or Deliveroo for food deliveries as they have a large customer base which would bring a substantial amount of profit.

Many restaurants that have never offered take-away or delivery services before, but now have adapted to be able to continue their business as usual. Local restaurant HANBAO in Worcester, have adapted not only to deliver/take-away food, but also making it safe for their staff and customers by putting strict no-contact payments, limited customer pick-up & distancing measures to make the experience safe as possible. Can we also just appreciate the packaging choices… HANBAO certainly have thought about their brand recognition once their food leaves the restaurant.

Changes to the Menu…


Now is the perfect time to give your menu a slight re-brand & change the way that customers use and view it. In this day and age, our world revolves around technology and it has a massive impact on our lives.

Many people are familiar with using technology and it might be an option to use within your restaurant. Develop your very own menu app that customers can use either through their smartphones or restaurant provided tablets, to order their food. Alternatively, you can simply add a mobile-friendly menu section to your already existing website which customers are able to order through. Struggling to decide what option is best for you? We are here to help! Click here to get in touch.

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Store adaptations…


Many of us have experienced changes in our local supermarkets with informative signs, floor stickers & many other essentials for social distancing. Why not implement some of those in your restaurant?

We are also supplying social distancing business essentials that are meant to put strict measures in place to create a safe environment for everyone in your business. Our range currently supplies: cone signs, backdrops (ideal for separating seating areas), face masks, ‘signal’ sign posts, suspended sneeze guards, floor stickers & mats. By implementing a few of these essentials, it allows your customers & staff members to maintain safety precautions during their time at your restaurant.

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Social Distancing Business Essentials

Looking to reopen with social distancing measures in place? Contact us for a quote & advice on what supplies you may need to open safely!

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