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How to adapt… as a school

Don’t know where to start?​

These past few months have been a really tough and difficult time for teachers and pupils alike. Routine and what we once knew is just something from the past. Without friends, family and support systems, days are beginning to feel long and learning is hard. As the government is pushing schools to slowly re-open, let’s make sure that we’re ready to hit the ground running!

The aim of this blog is to provide you with advice and tips on keeping your schools safe for all. We have also created a ‘New Normal’ guide specifically for schools which you can download for FREE below.


Limiting Contact & Interactions…


Reinforcing social distancing and the importance of hygiene is something that teachers and guardians have worked really hard at explaining & instilling to their students and children.

To help keep students and pupils reminded of the now implemented strict social distancing rules the use of large posters and individual desk info cards can help alleviate some of that pressure of reminding the children to maintain distance and to wash their hands regularly.

Ensure that you are being candid, clear and comforting with your message. This is a particularly sensitive, scary and difficult time for children which is why these rules need to be explained carefully and mindfully.

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Website & Social Media Updates…


Social media is a powerful tool in terms of reaching out to people. You can keep parents, guardians, staff & children well informed by regularly posting on your website, social media and Google my business. Why not create a section on your website for insights and blogs? You can write articles or give advice to parents and teachers so that they are in the loop of what is going on with the school. You can also create a digital policy handbook or how-to guide for your integrated learning platforms that can be viewed by parents and guardians.

These things will save you a whole lot of identical phone calls to parents and instead have the information readily available for them to read which is accurately written.

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Resources & Equipment…


Visual prompts can be a great way to encourage and remind pupils of the new practices and rules which now apply within the school. Posters, floor markings, info cards and banners can all act as scaffolds which help students adapt and maintain social distancing and exceptional hygiene.

Stickers can act as labels for resources and equipment that needs to be sanitised or has been sanitised to allow students to learn in a safe & clean classroom.

To help separate students and help maintain social distancing during breaks, queue barriers and banners can help separate students from each other alongside staggered breaks which will allow supervision of pupils much easier to reinforce social distancing rules.

For more information or to place an order on any of our COVID-19 social distancing essentials, get in touch by clicking here.

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Gradual Opening…


As you may have already seen and read, many schools are gradually opening back up to each year group. This is important as it allows teachers and staff members to closely observe pupils and students on how they are dealing with the newfound rules and if there is anything that the school needs to change or adapt before re-opening completely.

This also allows teachers to really get to speak to all of their students to make sure that they are okay and see how they are feeling about the current situation as it is particularly a very scary time for them.

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Are you struggling to implement social distancing changes?

We can help! We have plenty of resources, guides and information for you to access or purchase to help make your work, school and business safe to re-open.

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