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2019 is fast approaching, and you know the old saying – new year, new website! The last year has seen some pretty big technology advances so there is no reason why your website can’t reflect this. Thinking about a revamp? Check out our list below of website features that we think will be big next year.

— Video

With the likes of Netflix and YouTube becoming ever growing in popularity, it’s no wonder people are trying to incorporate movement in the form of video into their websites.

Video has been one of the most popular ways of consuming content this year, and we can only expect that to continue growing into 2019. With the likes of Facebook & Instagram including more ways for people to stream & post videos, we have become a “lazy” audience. Gone are the days where website visitors will sit and read text on a page, they now want the information served up in an easy to watch manner, which involves as little effort as possible.

With that said, using moving visuals on your website can put across a variety of different messages. You can use it to demonstrate how products/services work, sharing expertise, or just to show the personality of your business. The video that we use on our homepage is to give an insight of who we are, how we work and the environment that we work in.

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— Micro Interactions

A micro interaction is a tiny but super clever bit of web design. The sole purpose of the micro interaction is to give the end-user a happy & positive feeling about an event that has just happened when they have interacted with a module on your website.

For example when you hover or click a button, what does it do? Does it wiggle like it’s being tickled? Does it do a clever gradient change? Does it show a loading icon? It’s all about attention to detail and enhancing their experience on your site. Showing that you have bothered to think about the user experience is a big plus for your end user. It shows that your website not only looks great, but that the detail shown on your website will show in your work/product/service.

Not only do they show that you care about the smallest aspect, it can make your website easier to navigate and can make it seem more emotional. It makes the users feel like they are being rewarded when they click, hover, tap, scroll and something changes. It’s like a task has been completed, and they know that they have done something correct.

This post here by UXdesign describes micro interactions in more detail & provides some great examples (including the one we have shown here) how you can add these into your site to enhance the user experience!

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— Typography

Getting creative with typography is another aspect that has been quite popular this year, and with platforms being developed to cater for this (mobile view) we can only expect designers to become more daring and dramatic. Typefaces have now almost taken over images as being the main focus of a website, which is something that has never really been seen before.

Typography is incredibly powerful when used in the correct way. It has the ability to inform, direct and provoke emotion on the very first visit. The re-introduction of serif fonts (the ones with tails) due to sharper screens means that we now have the ability to combine both serif and sans-serif fonts without having to worry about legibility. This also includes hand-made fonts that are a little more intricate and smaller, narrower lines. You can check out this page here that will talk you through the different styles of fonts, and how to effectively pair them.

Animating your titles can also have a great effect on getting your typography to stand out. Although we like to keep things a little more subtle, you can really go to town on how your text will appear in the page whether its a fade, a bounce or a spin. You can even go a step further and make it interactive. Make it move around the mouse pointer. Make it change colour letter by letter when you hover over it. Typography is king in 2019 – make sure you utilise it!

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— Bright Colours

If used with a well developed design, using bold & bright colours can make your website look unique, fresh & modern. Be expressive. Colours help with getting emotions / associations across to your end user. Reds show passion & importance. Greens have natural and prosperous connotations. Purples are luxurious and romantic.

But what if you mixed those colours together? Gradients are making a very quick comeback into digital design too. You will have noticed this being first introduced back on famous apps like Instagram who did a total overhaul to focus their brand on the gradient. Web designers are opting to use this effect on backgrounds, illustrations and image overlays to add an out of this world effect.

Not only that, but if you can tie in colours to the functionality of a site, you can guide the users experience and almost tell them where to click or scroll next.

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