5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online
5 Simple Steps To Take Your Shop Online
Relationship tips for you and your customers
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As we all know February was the month of love.. but can we apply the rules of attraction into the way that we deal with our customers?

If you think about it, we always want to look our best whether it is on our website, within our branding or at any events that we attend – we are physically trying to catch your attention. However, it isn’t allll about the looks; personality is a major component of forming a meaningful connection. Be fun and quirky, your customers will feel much more at ease with people that they can have a laugh with but also get down to business with – no pun intended.

First the butterflies..


When we reflect on the existing relationships that we have with our customers, we need to make sure that we take care of them, check up on them & make them feel comfortable to be able to form a trusting bond. Afterall, we want them to feel like they can rely on your business for future projects.

When forming new connections and relationships with potential customers it is always exciting! Maybe not necessarily in the ‘nervous butterflies’ kind of way but actually excited to get cracking. Unlike in movies where everything begins with:

  • Looking across the room from each other..
  • Asking to go out for coffee..
  • Chemistry slowly creeping in..

This doesn’t quite apply in a business environment, but it does follow a similar set of principles of getting noticed, setting up a meeting, discussing future plans and forming a customer-business relationship.

local business online
Law of attraction


What are you looking for?

If you want to find a business that is low price, easy to contact & one that you can maintain a long-term relationship with there are several things you can do to find them. Try a simple Google search for local businesses in your area or look on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. You will find that most businesses and their employees are actually registered on LinkedIn so it is a good place to start looking and connecting with people.

Business Solution: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Google

Have we met?

After conducting your stalker operation get yourself out there and meet the people behind the brand! Meeting people in person tends to leave a much longer lasting impression rather than dropping them an email or call. There are various exhibitions and events where you can meet these businesses in person and discuss further your plans and possible relationships.

Business Solution: Visit exhibitons, business events or join networking meetings.

You can meet people anywhere these days even dropping a business card or a leaflet down your local cafe or restaurant begins to make people aware of you. Attending networking meetings is a great way to mingle with other employees that are looking to form new relationships with various of different businesses.

get found online
Where do we go from here?


Unfortunately forming relationships isn’t as easy as it is to friend someone on Facebook, it definitely takes time but it will benefit in the long-term. There are key factors that you should consider when getting yourself out in the real world:

Look your best
We don’t mean in the dress kind of sense, although you should ensure that you look professional when meeting other people, but more importantly your branding needs to look the part too. Attractive logo, catchy slogan & a quirky website is something that a business won’t swipe left for.
You don’t always need a spark to form a relationship. Small gestures go a long way whether it is just a friendly smile or leaving a comment on their latest Instagram post. The same goes within business circles. If you are just starting out consider attending network meetings and initiate friendly discussions with the people there. If you are a much bigger business why not try to keep up with your fellow competitors, what are they doing that is different to you? Change up your values and beliefs to increase your audience!
Gain Trust
Trust within the business industry varies and can be interpretted differently. Trust may refer to how easy you are to be found on Google and building that kind of trust is extremely crucial when trying to get noticed by your fellow local businesses, if you can’t be found by a google search how will people be able to find your website and get to know your brand? The other type of trust is the one that you are working on with your customers. This refers to making sure that you listen to your customers, work together and don’t let one another down. We actually have a blogs that go more into detail for gaining google’s trust & your customers trust.
Arrange a date
It doesn’t have to be all fancy with candles and a 5 star, 7 course meal. Why not arrange a monthly catch-up meeting with your customers to see where they are at with their business and show them any projects or work that you have been working on recently. If it is a first meeting that you are having ensure that you deliver your pitch clearly, first impressions last so ensure that you provide a good experience for your potential customer.
If there is a lack of commitment you will find that the relationship will start to break. Therefore it is important for you to take care of your customers, check in on them from time to time, invite them for a catch up and overall make their experience good with your business. Being able to rely on each other means that you are in it for the long run!
get found online

Need to look the part?

We can help you step up your relationships, ask us how!

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