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Are you spending too much money on Google Ads?

We present you with 3 things to help save your budget…

When it comes to Google Ads there are certain settings that you can enable to help reach your marketing goals through targeting specific locations, time of the day or groups of people. It is highly important for you to acquaint yourself with each of the different settings to make sure that your budget isn’t being wasted & profit potential is being maximised.

1. Target Locations


The first step you need to take is analyse what you are currently doing & who you are targeting. Ask yourself, what areas are producing significant results? Familiarize yourself with KPIs (key performance indicators) for each of your campaigns as this will allow for you to analyse exactly what is working and what isn’t.

Pay extra attention to your location options and make sure that Google is in fact targeting users in your target location rather than users which are only showing interest in the location. This will create a significant difference in your findings and present you with more reliable data.

Fun Fact! You are actually able to exclude certain locations from your Google Ads meaning that if you only want your business to reach users in your country, or even more specific, in your region then you are able to do that. Many specialists in search engine marketing suggest that you include airports within your targeted location as users can view your ads whilst waiting for their flights.


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2. Update your Google Ads

This may seem like a no brainer but some people just don’t have the time to regularly update their Google Ads settings. The Google team works daily on ways to improve their Google platforms which is why the algorithm changes so often.

Ensure that you check your Google analytics consistently and compare it against your Google Ads performance. Updating your settings based on the analytical findings will prevent you wasting money on users that are simply not engaging with your content. The idea is to gain profit or at least significant engagement from each click.

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3. Set yourself goals!


Did you know that you can actually set up your own goals on both Google Analytics or Google Ads? Setting up these goals will help you identify any concerns or changes in actions regarding your adverts. You can better control the areas of where your spend is going towards and whether it is a profitable approach. By seeing which keywords and Adwords are gaining more interactions you can then turn your focus towards them and remove any other keywords that are not generating much engagement.

The goal is to ensure that each engagement is significant and therefore is leaning towards profit rather than cost.

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