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Designers are not just creatives, they are strategic thinkers…



A graphic designer and an artist are similar in that they are both creatives, however, a graphic designer has to be more strategically driven to find the solution for their client. We designers have to follow a series of steps before we can begin the actual design work…

—Client Briefing

The first critical step to a well thought out design process is a design briefing from the client. This is where they will give us an overview of what they are looking for and we need to try and gather as much information on the clients expectations as possible at this point.

This includes understanding what the company’s mission, vision and goals are, products and services etc. It is good for us to understand who their competitors are and the intended audience.

Providing us with a good, clear design brief, will allow us to be able to set the tone for what fundamental information is needed to begin the project. In order to provide the best solution specifically for the client, we need to be able to get in their head!

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—Research & Insight

Once we are satisfied that we have what we need to begin, we can start putting our skills into practice. We need to spend some time researching, evaluating and developing principle concepts.

The research can include market, audience, trends and future prospects. The purpose of the research is to give us, a 360 degree view of the clients ecosystem and then be able to generate ideas to fit the market, industry trends and audience.

However, research can often throw up some unexpected results. It may highlight a bigger issue that the client may not have been initially focused on. This shows our engagement to the project and attention to detail.

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The combination of the client briefing and the initial research will open up a path for the designer to start producing relevant ideas.

This is where we will start to look at use of typography, colour, symbols and the message we are trying to communicate. It is at this point we will have defined the problem and are thinking of ways to get a solution to fit.

At this stage, if just one designer is working on the project, we will encourage a group brainstorming session to get the most out of all of our styles, experience and diverse creative minds. Sharing is caring!

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—Concepts & Presenting

As designers, we think visually, so it is a good idea for us to develop visual concepts that reflect the objectives and outline the brief. By using the previous steps, utilising mood boards or pinterest for inspiration and ideas, it helps us to arrive at this stage and move forward quickly, keeping us focused on the goal.

Using our design software we will produce some variations of the concepts and try to mix and match colour palettes, typographic pairings and sometimes showcase the design in context where applicable.

Once we have something visual to show the client, we will then present the ideas to them in their preferred method of communication. This tends to be via an interactive PDF or often, we call for a second consultation to discuss and reflect.

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—Reflect & Refine

The quicker we receive client feedback the better, as it allows us to keep the momentum and creative juices flowing.

With feedback and reflection on the work previously presented, we can then continue to develop the initial concept and work towards a final design. This may involve another consultation to review or further communication to ensure the final design is in sight.

Once we have a final design in hand, we can start to then polish the idea and present this in a print and digital ready file format. Even though this is a final design, we will allow the client to review the end product and provide further feedback to ensure it aligns with the briefs original objectives.

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—Deliver & Launch

Once the design is agreed and files are delivered, it should not just end there.

Thinking about the bigger picture with any design work is something that benefits the client so we will always ensure that where you choose to use your design, you have the correct file types, sizes and variations to deliver effectively.

We will help you to continue to develop your message and communicate this across your printed material, online marketing tools and other business platforms.

Thinking of starting a new project and need some guidance on design, future proofing and trends? Book in for a free consultation with a Design Team…


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