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A Story About Secure Browsing…



The sun is shining through the window of your favourite local coffee shop. You’re sat with your flat white coffee and laptop, about to settle down to some serious web browsing. Then, all of a sudden, a rather unsavoury character pulls up a chair and starts to snoop. And, as if this personal space invasion wasn’t enough, the self-same privacy-pirate goes and orders lunch for themselves. With your credit card. Miffed much?

Alas, if only it was this easy to spot an internet bad guy at a coffee shop or work. Well it’s not. But wouldn’t it be handy to get a warning when there’s a chance that this could happen? Google Chrome are working on just that!

—What’s The Problem?

You are probably aware that when you visit a website, you open up a connection between your device and that website.

But did you know that attackers can access non-secure connections to view, modify or tamper with the data going back and forth between you?

Think of it a little like a bridge. And there is a troll on the bridge. But you can’t see or pay this troll. They just steal your money, demand payment later, or leave a big mess.

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—Stealing What Exactly?

The kind of tampering we’re talking about could include stealing personal or work information, injecting annoying adverts, inserting malware or tricking the user into doing something they didn’t realise they were doing.

This is bad.
Bad for the website being visited, bad user experience and bad for the business itself. One way to protect your audience from the bad guys? HTTPS!

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—What Is HTTPS?

No, HTTPS isn’t some kind of infectious disease or the latest vowel-less internet slang. It’s an acronym.

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. The ’S’ at the end stands for ’Secure’. It’s a way to allow your browser or app to securely make a connection with a website and in turn, avoid those trolls we were talking about and make it less likely to be ‘attacked’. When users visit your website, it is one of the things you can do to help keep their browsing experience safe and secure.

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—How Do I Make Our Site HTTPS?

It’s easy, speak to us about making your site HTTPS with an SSL certificate. For websites that we host, prices start from just ÂŁ29 +VAT per year, which includes purchasing and installing the SSL certificate. If we don’t host your website, speak to us anyway and we can either help or advise you.

Up to 78% of Chrome traffic is already using https. Don’t get left behind, secure your site with SSL today!

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