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It’s now 2019 and there are still companies out there who don’t utilise the free tools that social media has to offer. Staying on top of trends on the right platform can be tricky and take a up a lot of time, but once you have it nailed you’ll never look back.

In this post we’ll be taking a look at a variety of social media platforms, and what benefits they can bring to your business.

— Facebook

Facebook is quickly becoming a platform that does a little bit of everything. It’s the closest social media platform you’ll get to running your own website. Why is Facebook good for me?

  • Facebook is ideal for humanizing your business. It is already on a platform where people put faces to names, so why not do that with your brand? You can showcase the human side of your business by utilizing their messenger app, posting about non business related news (could be an employees birthday or day to day work), or using it to interact with other posts by other companies.
  • Great for SEO. Most posts, photos & links on Facebook are indexed by search engines giving your website a traffic boost. Ensuring that your content is useful and relevant to your industry can increase your search engine rankings.
  • Competition. Odds are that your competition have a Facebook page. Just because they have one and you don’t isn’t the best reason, but more and more people are asking for recommendations and searching for businesses on Facebook so you may lose out on opportunities if they can’t find you.


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— Instagram

Instagram has become one of the biggest platforms in the world. It’s offerings are mainly visual based and are posted on a story telling basis. Why should I choose Instagram?

  • Give your brand a face. A visual post can tell a follower what kind of business you are, and what you’ll be like to deal with. You could share a photo of an employee working with a client, or a video showing a finished project that you’re proud of. The list goes on and on, and what you choose to post will reflect in the enquiries you receive from this platform.
  • Instagram Stories. This is a relatively new feature (where posts only last 24 hours and then disappear), but it’s great for posting about things that you may not want to put on your permanent feed. It might be a flash sale, or a quirky video of your team, anything that you want people to see, but not to stick around.
  • Shoppable Posts. Another new feature – Instagram has now introduced the ability to be able to purchse products straight from your feed. This is great for businesses who have a product to sell, and want to get traffic to the website without utilising SEO techniques. It has been found that 72% of Instagram users have admitted to purchasing from the app, so it’s a no brainer to utilise this if you deem it suitable.
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— Twitter

Twitter has developed to be a home for all things business. The audience is incredibly varied, and the searches even more so. Why should you use Twitter for your business?

  • Customer support channel. Twitter is great to use as a support channel. You can search to see if anyone is talking about your business, products or services and respond accordingly. This is especially good if there are any negative comments floating about. You can also gain feedback from a vast audience very quickly.
  • Customer insight goldmine. If you like to do research on your audience, Twitter is known as an open platform meaning that you can see any interactions between your competitors & your customers, giving you a view into their world and how they talk, interact, buy etc.
  • Free marketing. Twitter costs nothing to market on. By utilising words and hashtags you can target your tweets directly to people who might be searching or talking about that topic, instantly putting you in front of a relevant audience.


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— Linkedin

Linkedin is a social media platform that was mainly used as an online CV platform for individuals who want to display their achievements. It has since evolved into a platform where it follows a news feed home page where individuals and businesses alike can post updates and media, a little like Facebook for B2B. Why should I choose Linkedin?

  • Relationship building. Linkedin is a great way to connect with professionals who you want to reach out to. With over 500 million members on the website, you are sure to be able to find the right person to talk to should you need their services, or want to pitch your services to them. You can connect with them and instigate a chat through the messenger tab to get a conversation started, and the chances are that they will pay attention to what you are saying as it’s on a professional platform.
  • Relationship strengthening. Following on fro the point above, Linkedin is also a great way to stay in touch with professionals who you may have met through networking and such. By connecting with people you know, you can continue interacting with them, slowly planting your name in their head ready for when they need someone who offers a service just like yours.
  • Monitor your views. A unique feature of Linkedin is that you can see who has viewed your profile. This is a perfect way to capture leads and connect or message them off the back of that. The odds are that if they have viewed your profile, they’re likely to be interested in something you have to say.
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Do you have time for Social Media?

Within our concierge plans we offer Social Media management as we know how difficult it can be to stay consistent on busy social platforms. Take a look at our plans and see how they may benefit you and your business!

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