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Hiiii! My name is Alicja (or Leets) and I have been working at Nettl since November last year. I am the digital marketing and social media apprentice that is probably looking after your social media accounts, scheduling/creating posts and doing tweaks on your websites – soon I might be even building them for you!

What led you to join nettl?

When I was doing my A-levels as much as I enjoyed learning (especially Psychology!), my mind was set that I definitely did not want to go to university – it just wasn’t for me. I love learning on the job, after a-levels I actually spent a year working at a local coffee shop where I trained to be a head barista & now I am Nettl of Kidderminsters part-time barista haha! I found Nettl through my college which I was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship through and I couldn’t be happier especially because of the doggos.

What do you bring to the table?

Resilience. This is a quality that I have carried with me for a very long time and no matter how much I struggle and probably cry at home over a bowl of Ben & Jerry’s, I don’t give up. It actually pushes me more to prove people wrong when they doubt me or make me feel like I can’t do something.

Considering the fact that my background holds 0% IT knowledge or any digital skillset, I feel like in the last 5 months I have come a long way and in my eyes exceeded my own expectations on how fast I have picked up on certain aspects of this job role.


What is your favourite type of project & industry to work on/with?

I absolutely love, love  writing blogs & constructing them on websites. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing as that is where my creativity flows, especially when it is a subject that I am knowledgeable in. Writing blogs also gives me an opportunity to learn more and enhance my skill set not just in writing but maybe a particular software or how to perform my job much more efficiently.

As briefly just mentioned, I also enjoy creating blogs/posts on websites as I just find it very fascinating that you can create interactive & attractive looking sites on a digital platform. Although it is quite difficult to get your head round, I am getting there & slowly learning the way that websites are built so hopefully I will be able to build them from scratch too!


What energizes you at work?

Definitely the team (including our furry friends!). I love the fact that we can all have a laugh & talk like friends rather than just work colleagues. I think that is crucial in a work environment in order to perform your job role well as if you are unhappy, that will show in the work that you produce. I also rather enjoy our choices of song playlists which keep us going at work.

What excites you about your job?

The most exciting part of my job is that I get to speak and interact with a variety of people & our lovely customers. Although I am still learning so I tend to pass customers to my work colleagues I really enjoy speaking to you all when I get the chance. I also get really excited when a new project comes and being a part of that new journey.

What quote/saying do you often repeat in the studio?

As Bill Gates said, ‘’success is a lousy teacher, it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose’’ and I stand by that because we all need to make mistakes in order to learn and grow. Success can go just as fast as it came so being consistent and trying your best is all that anyone can ask for.

And finally, let’s learn the fun stuff!

What are your top 3 fave films? So recently I have started watching all of the Star Wars films and my absolute fave is Revenge of the Sith. My childhood favourite film is Howl’s Moving castle & don’t judge me for this but all of the Twilights…

We love playing office tunes, what is your go to music genre? My favourite genre is probably pop but I do love a good boogie on a Friday with some soul or jazz music.

How do you spend time outside of work? I am a very out-going person and I love going to new places, going out to eat or bowling. At the moment since I can’t go to the gym, which is like my second home, I have started to go out on runs a lot more which I used to hate but now that I have slowly got into it, I am really enjoying running.

You’re having a meal out, what food & drink do you choose? Normally I am a pasta kind of girl but now I would probably go for like a burger and chips with coke.

What is the best place you have ever visited? Definitely Germany. I have family that live in Bavaria and it is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever seen and have completely fell in love with. It is my dream to one day live there.

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