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Hey! So, my name is Linzi – and I have been working at Nettl for nearly 10 years now! My role has changed over the years but you will often find me dealing with many of our accounts and liaising with the clients on new campaigns and projects whilst managing the studio and team.

What led you to join nettl?

I joined when we were known as ‘printing.com’ after leaving university having trained in visual communication and advertising. I joined before Nettl became Nettl basically!

It was just Dan, and at the time his four legged best friend Elvis. Dan was looking to expand and gave me the opportunity to learn and develop my skillset through printing.com.

I always had a passion for taking things online, not just through advertising and graphics but with websites and UX so to be able to bring all of that into this job role was a bonus. I wanted something more than just a graphic design position and joining Dan at Nettl has enabled me to develop so many other industry skills along the way.


What is your favourite type of project & industry to work on/with?

I absolutely love taking a new website project on that has a unique or different approach to its user experience. This could be through an online booking system or an automated journey through eCommerce. I really enjoy the mapping out of the website structure and user journey and enhance the user experience along the way. These type of projects often present new challenges which I really enjoying getting stuck into! It may not seem it at the time but once the project is complete it gives me a real sense of accomplishment.

I also really enjoy working with online retail as these projects can be so varied in how they work, giving me more opportunity to learn new things and create something different each time. It’s amazing how almost every online shop or retail website I have worked on in principle sell online but they can vary greatly from one to the next in how they are built and what their functionality can do!


What do you bring to the table?

Something my partner would disagree on but my best quality I would say is my organisation and forward planning, a skill that I have found to become vital in the day to day running of many client accounts.

I also know the team would refer to me as the studio geek as I do enjoy a techy website project to get stuck into and love problem solving which I feel comes from my determined and ambitious personality that I have always carried with me. 

What energizes you at work?

No one likes getting up early and going to work on a Monday right? Well I can safely say that I have not once had that sunday night dread. I can only put that down to my team I work with. I find that the moment I step into the studio on a Monday, I am a new person. Working with such a great, close knit team who are more like an extended family gives me a real push to get the job done right! It is so important to be able to work with people who encourage, influence and support you.


The most exciting part of my job is being introduced to new prospective customers. I love meeting new businesses and getting to know what they do and how their industry works. I get so excited about discussing challenges with new businesses and coming up with ideas and solutions to help them meet their goals through online and offline marketing concepts.

What quote/saying do you often REMIND YOURSELF OF?

I live my life by taking risks and being as optimistic as I can. ‘Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and focus on what could go right’. I believe that to be successful you must keep a positive mindset and always look forward to what you want to achieve, by highlighting risk factors you could put too many barriers up and never know if it was going to work. To be a good designer i have always believed it’s good to take risks, be more outside of the box, grab attention and make an impact!

And finally, let’s learn the fun stuff!

What are your top 3 fave films? Ooooh i do find it hard to pick, but my top three would probably be Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Man on Fire and The Lion King! Im a sucker for a Disney film…..

We love playing office tunes, what is your go to music genre? Now this can go one of two ways – 3pm on a Friday you can often find me hitting Alexa up for some classic Disney soundtracks, or if i have some fun weekend plans i will often go for a Motown / Soul playlist to get me in the mood. I was born in the wrong decade I’m sure…

How do you spend time outside of work? I have a new found love and obsession with Interior Design. We have recently bought our second home and are in the middle of a rather larger renovation, so that is more that enough to keep me occupied most evenings and weekends at the moment. But i LOVE it!

You’re having a meal out, what food & drink do you choose? Italian all day long. I always knew I loved carbs, mainly pizza and pasta, but having recently visited Italy again, my obsession with pizza cheese and pasta has become a problem. And unfortunately along with a large glass of red wine too!

What is the best place you have ever visited? I am so fortunate to have travelled a lot over the years and find it so hard to pin point one place, Cape Town was amazing, I absolutely LOVED how stunning Santorini and Amalfi coast were…. But If I had to really pick somewhere that blew me away, I would have to say The Maldives. That was something special and I am so grateful to have experienced that place!

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