We all love a good trend..! Well most, some have been a bit questionable shall we say. However, looking at it from a marketing point of view we came across Google’s predictions of the year 2019. The article entailed a few fundamental factors that would popularize in the upcoming year and change the way we all work in the business industry. Most of their predictions have become particularly of a focual point this year especially ‘mobile experience’ and ‘online videos vs. tv’.

More and more websites are becoming mobile friendly which is a good selling point as people spend an average of three hours and 15 minutes on their phones every day according to research done by RescueTime. However, another factor came into play that if a website took longer than 3 seconds to load, users would click off the page. This is important as it just emphasises the importance of the way websites are ran and that they should be updated regularly and hosted appropriately if you want more clicks that stay on the page, this is where google analytics comes very handy.

Google analytics have a feature that will allow for you to see acquisition and behaviour. Acquisition displays and breaksdown data on organic traffic and where the users have come from, you can then identify quickly what is making your visitor count increase i.e. adwords, seo, backlinks. You can almost interpret this as a journey therefore acquisition shows the arrival and through what process. Whereas, behaviour presents what the user was looking at once entered your site and how many have exited. Due to that you will be able to easily diagnose what works and what doesn’t for example, if your blog page isn’t recieving any clicks you may need to check if it’s actually live or if the content on that page is of interest to your audience.

Click here if you want more information on the article google produced about the year 2019. We have also produced a blog post for our predicitions of web design trends of this year so have a read of that blog post here if you haven’t already!



An essential aspect of creating anything conveying information is to have a good typeface. Over the years trends change and this has become apparant in the world of fonts & type – what was cool & modern 10 years ago is different to what is used now.

There is a lot of thought processing when choosing a font as it has to be appropriate to what message you are sending. Font styles will differ from industry to industry. Design companies will be advertising their creative services, so an innovative and exciting typface that will catch your attention is more likely to be used to stand out. Whereas, if your brand is more serious and business orientated (like a financial company), font style will be more clear and professional to inspire trust.

Designers are constantly making new fonts. This year simplicity seemed to be a massive factor in this industry – including both serif and sans-serif having mini make-overs to make them more appealing & modern. However, for the year 2020 we predict that minimalistic typography will flourish to an abstract level known as maxi-typography. As we will touch on later in the blog, 3-dimensional designs are going to be a huge trend in 2020 incorporating fonts within this.



2020 is going to be a big year for the use of transparency. Not only does it create an attractive effect that gracefully blends objects together, but it is extremely useful as it doesn’t take the focus away from the other elements featured on the artwork.

This tool transforms the composition creating a polished and smooth finish without the appearance of harsh lines and overlapping text that would normally be difficult to read.

For the desired effect you have to be able to get it right otherwise the mistake will be obvious. Most softwares use the same settings when it comes to transparency, it ranges from 0% (not visible) to 100% (completely opaque).

A good medium to stick to it is in the mid-ranges but take this with a pinch of salt as this purely relies on what you are using as a background and how intense its colour palette is. If the background you are using is very light, having a low transparency won’t look right so you may only reduce it to 70-80% to make the content legible.


Cause-based Branding

Cause branding is going to make a huge entrance in 2020. It is in human nature to show empathy and emotion. Some brands use this as a marketing strategy to promote themselves as it is a good way of reaching customers that feel that by supporting an ethical and humanitarian brand they are making an impact to the world – hence the play on emotion. New research from Mintel reveals that 56% of US consumers stop buying from companies they believe are unethical. (1)

Associating yourself with any worthwhile cause will boost your reputation with a long-lasting effect followed closely by an amazing customer base. The overall message will have a positive impact on your branding as people want to help, they want to make a difference and if it can be done through supporting your brand then so be it. Brands that are known to be charitable are more valued and percieved as trustworthy meaning that it creates a postive atmosphere in your branding.

Dispite having a postive snowball effect on your branding, it can actually promote great causes that you can make a difference to. According to Ipsos Mori, 42% of Brits say that climate change is their number one environmental concern. With this in mind, maybe consider promoting yourself as environmentally friendly brand that recycles, uses biodegradable materials and annually gets involved in charities that promote this type of lifestyle. As we are experiencing more and more concerns in the world with extinctions of animals, global warming and many other issues this type of branding will be sure to catch attention in 2020.


3-Dimensional Designs

3D computer generated imagery has nearly been about for a decade. Only recently has this become more utilized and immersed within the marketing industry. Forbes article conducted a study that covered how companies used 3-dimensional catalogs and imagery to create more attractive, cost-effective marketing overtures. Dustan, who is a midcoast director of digital services, stated “Ten years ago, about 20 percent of automotive advertising was created digitally, and 80 percent was produced via traditional photography. Now those numbers have flipped.” This is very true, nearly everything that brands are putting out there is digital and what is more eye-catching than seeing something pop out of your screen? It is near impossible to miss!

There is so much potential involved in 3D and may even be a new upcoming future for marketing. A lot of people learn through seeing a behaviour/action with the use of 3D you can create virtual training that will be useful in performing virtual-reality based sessions that may actually be more beneficial rather than having to read pages and pages of information.

It can also be used to show virtual tours, this is amazing branding technique when promoting a venue, theme park or even something residential. This will give potential customers a teaser of what they can expect upon arrival. Another amazing take on 3-dimensional marketing is showcasing product demos.

If you are designing a product for another company a cost-effective route would be to create a 3D model of their products so before they spend money to see what the final outcome will be, they can see it on their screen without having to pay for production. 3-dimensional softwares are going to change the way we approve our artworks and even advertise products in 2020 so get your 3D glasses ready!


If you click on the button for the source of the image you will see a really good example of a 3-dimensional showcasing of information.

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